E1 Conference papers requirements

To be included in this category, the conference publication must meet the HERDC definition of research and:

  • be published in full. The papers may appear in a number of different formats, such as a volume of proceedings, a special edition of a journal, a normal issue of a journal, a book or a monograph, CD-ROM or conference or organisational website
  • must be research published in the current collection year, and the year of publication must be stated within or on the work being claimed, with the exception of the expanded year of publication
  • be peer reviewed
  • be presented at conferences, workshops or seminars of national or international significance available to the wider audience
  • the author must be affiliated with the claiming institution
  • Invited papers may be included where all other papers for the conference are peer reviewed.

Types of conference papers

The types of conference publications that are unlikely to meet the criteria include papers that appear only in a volume handed out to conference participants.

Verification requirements

Verification documentation must be provided, including:

  • complete copy or offprint of paper
  • complete photocopy of table of contents, preface, introduction and pages showing all bibliographical information as appropriate (ISBN or ISSN, authors(s), editor, publisher and all dates referring to copyright, publication, printing and distribution)
  • proof of national or international significance if not clearly shown in documents above. National or international significance of a conference may be indicated by the presence of interstate or international speakers, or a listing of previous conference venues showing that the conference is held in a range of national/international locations, and
  • Evidence indicating the author's affiliation to Griffith. By-line or footnote or statement in publication indicating research undertaken in author's capacity as a staff member or student of the University or an Authorship Statement from author attesting research undertaken in author's capacity as a staff member or student of the University (in support of this statement, INS staff will provide confirmation that the author was an appointee or student of the University within the publication year)
  • evidence that all other conference papers were peer reviewed
  • proof of peer review as set out above
  • Proof of peer review can be in the form of a:
    • statement in proceedings that full papers are refereed, or
    • statement from conference organiser/editor, or
    • copy of assessment showing assessment made on full paper

Note: an ISBN or a publisher is not required for conference publications.

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