The Australian Research Council administer the Excellence in Research for Australia

This is a federal initiative that aims to recognise and promote research excellence and to identify emerging research strengths in Australian universities.

ERA is a comprehensive evaluation of the quality of the research undertaken in all disciplines based on a suite of indicators appropriate for each discipline. Committees of national and international experts determine the final ratings of each assessed discipline. The last ERA evaluation was conducted in 2018. Outcomes of the 2018 round have been announced and are available from the ARC ERA website.

ERA 2018 outcomes

ERA 5 well above world standardERA 4 above world standardERA 3 at world standard
02 Physical Sciences0304 Medicinal & Biomolecular Chemistry04 Earth Sciences
0204 Condensed Matter Physics0406 Physical Geography & Environmental Geoscience07 Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences
0205 Optical Physics0503 Soil Sciences08 Information and Computing Sciences
0206 Quantum Physics06 Biological Sciences0806 Information Systems
03 Chemical Sciences0601 Biochemistry and Cell Biology0905 Civil Engineering
0302 Inorganic Chemistry0605 Microbiology1103 Clinical Sciences
0303 Macromolecular & Materials Chemistry0701 Agriculture, Land and Farm Management1107 Immunology
0306 Physical Chemistry0801 Artificial Intelligence & Image Processing1109 Neurosciences
05 Environmental Sciences09 Engineering1117 Immunology
0501 Ecological Applications0906 Electrical and Electronic Engineering12 Built Environment and Design
0502 Environmental Science and Management0907 Environmental Engineering1201 Architecture
0602 Ecology11 Medical & Health Sciences1205 Urban and Regional Planning
0603 Evolutionary Biology1106 Human Movement & Sports Science13 Education
0912 Materials Engineering1114 Paediatrics and Reproductive Medicine1301 Education Systems
0913 Mechanical Engineering1115 Pharmacology & Pharmaceutical Sciences1302 Curriculum and Pedagogy
10 Technology1505 Marketing1303 Specialist Studies In Education
1007 Nanotechnology16 Studies in Human Society1402 Applied Economics
1105 Dentistry1605 Policy and Administration15 Commerce, Management, Tourism and Services
1108 Medical Microbiology1607 Social Work1503 Business and Management
1110 Nursing1608 Sociology1504 Commercial Services
1112 Oncology and Carcinogenesis1701 Psychology17 Psychology and Cognitive Sciences
1506 Tourism18 Law & Legal Studies19 Studies In Creative Arts and Writing
1602 Criminology1801 Law1902 Film, Television and Digital Media
1606 Political Science1904 Performing Arts and Creative Writing1905 Visual Arts and Crafts
 2101 Archaeology20 Language, Communication and Culture
 2103 Historical Studies2001 Communication and Media Studies
  2004 Linguistics
  21 History and Archaeology

ERA 2018 evaluated research undertaken between 2011 and 2016. Griffith was assessed in 20 broad fields of research (two-digit FoRs) and 61 specific fields of research (four-digit FoRs).

  • 99% of Griffith’s research outputs submitted at the two-digit level were rated world standard or above (ERA 3, 4 or 5)
  • 19 of 20 Griffith’s broad (two-digit) fields of research that reached the assessment threshold were rated world standard or above (ERA 3, 4 or 5)
  • 59 of 61 Griffith’s specific (four-digit) fields of research that reached the assessment threshold were rated world standard or above (ERA 3, 4 or 5)

Previous rounds, ERA 2015, ERA 2012 and ERA 2010, covered research undertaken between 2008-2013, 2005-2010 and 2003-2008 respectively. For outcomes for Griffith and other Australian universities in the 2018 and previous rounds visit the ARC ERA website.

Griffith’s ERA contacts

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