Creative works resulting from research are eligible research outputs for Excellence in Research for Australia evaluations,  and are included in the University's Key Performance Indicators.

Creative and performing arts categories in My Publications are closely aligned with ERA creative works categories:

  • Q1_1 Original creative work - Visual art work
  • Q1_2 Original creative work - Design/architectural work
  • Q1_3 Original creative work - Textual work
  • Q1_4 Original creative work - Music composition
  • Q1_5 Original creative work - Other
  • R1_1 Live performance of creative work - Music
  • R1_2 Live performance of creative work - Play
  • R1_3 Live performance of creative work - Dance
  • R1_4 Live performance of creative work - Other
  • S1_1 Recorded/rendered creative work - Film/video
  • S1_2 Recorded/rendered creative work - Performance
  • S1_3 Recorded/rendered creative work - Inter-arts
  • S1_4 Recorded/rendered creative work - Digital creative work
  • S1_5 Recorded/rendered creative work - Website/web exhibition
  • S1_6 Recorded/rendered creative work - Other
  • T1_1 Curated or produced substantial public exhibition/event - Web-based exhibition
  • T1_2 Curated or produced substantial public exhibition/event - Exhibition/event
  • T1_3 Curated or produced substantial public exhibition/event - Festival
  • T1_4 Curated or produced substantial public exhibition/event - Other

Creative works requirements

To be eligible for these categories, creative works must meet the following definition of research:"The creation of new knowledge and/or the use of existing knowledge in a new and creative way so at generate new concepts, methodologies and understandings."

They must also have been published or made publicly available in the year they are recorded against.

Multiple exhibitions/performances of the R1 and T1 research output types listed above may be counted as separate outputs only where each subsequent exhibition/performance introduced a new research component to the work. For example, a touring exhibition could usually only be submitted as a single output.

Note: If a creative work is intended as a minor component of a series or sequence of investigations that will form a portfolio of works on a particular theme, it will be reviewed as a complete portfolio for the appropriate Q1, R1, S1 or T1 category once all of the components are compiled. If a creative work is the product of professional practice rather than research, it will not be eligible for inclusion in ERA.

Verifications requirements

Where possible, please upload electronic verification of these documents with the webform:

  • a copy of the creative work, link to the work (if web-based), or a recording/visual documentation of the output
  • where applicable, evidence of peer review (published commentaries or detailed statements by qualified experts)
  • evidence of when the work was made publicly available
  • evidence indicating the author's/creator's affiliation with the University
  • A research statement (this is mandatory for all Q1, R1, S1, and T1 categories).

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