Griffith provides a limited number of on-campus car parking spaces for staff, students and visitors.

Staff and students who regularly park on campus may purchase a virtual permit. Casual parking is also available.

Griffith's campuses are Regulated Parking Areas (Griffith University Act 1998) and parking must be paid for.

Parking infringement

Where to park

Parking maps

Disability parking

If you are the holder of a Red Disability permit, you still need a valid car parking permit or pay for parking at a Pay-by-Plate meter.

Motorcycle parking

Motorcycle parking is free in areas set aside for motorcycles. You may also park in a limited access or multi-storey carpark but you will be required to purchase a valid car parking permit or pay for parking via PayStay.

Visitor parking

Official visitor parking bays are only available for people who are external to the University and visiting on official University business for less than one day. The visitor bays booked are monitored, and anyone who is identified booking bays for themselves, or other Griffith staff members will lose the visitor bay immediately.

Official visitor parking bays may only be booked by a Griffith staff member. Should no visitor bays be available for your visitor, casual parking should be offered instead.

Should your reservation be successful, an email with instructions will be sent to the staff member to pass on to the visitor.

Please note this application does not work via internet explorer, use Chrome or Firefox if you are having troubles accessing


Cycling is a great way to get to University. It reduces related greenhouse gas emissions, is great exercise, reduces transport costs, and reduces traffic congestion. Benefits of Cycling.

Griffith has bike racks and End-of-trip facilities across all campuses. A solid metal “D” lock is recommended to secure your bike to the bike racks as other cable or chain locks are too easily defeated.

Do not chain your bicycle to fences, railings, buildings or fire hydrants. Bicycles may be removed where they present a hazard or break fire safety regulations.

Event parking

The Parking Department offers assistance in managing events you host on the Griffith campus (except for Southbank, where no event parking is available).

It is now possible to generate short term permits for your attendees to use. This registers their vehicle at the meter, avoiding infringements. If event attendees do not follow these instructions, or enter their information incorrectly they may receive infringements which we are unable to rescind.

Where possible, we’ll always try to facilitate and assist with your event. In order to do so we need some information from you about the event.

Manage your parking permit

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Parking Section, Campus Life Administration

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