First trimester at Griffith

There’s a lot to take in when starting university

There’s new people to meet, new spaces to explore and new knowledge to soak up using different study strategies. Hit the ground running at Griffith with this handy guide to your first trimester.

Getting started

From attending campus orientations to downloading the Griffith App, get yourself sorted before your first trimester begins.

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Seven predictors of success at university

Time on task

Put time aside to study for each of your courses every week

Attend class

Attend lectures and tutorials regularly

Focus on your goals

Having a clear purpose for attending uni helps you to move forward and protects against dropping out in your first year

Develop your self confidence

Nurture a sense of academic self-confidence and an expectation you will succeed

Develop peer relationships

Connecting with your colleagues also helps prevent dropping out in your first trimester and first year of study

Online engagement

Make the most of our online learning environment, Learning@Griffith

Work-life study balance

If you're a full-time student, working no more than 15 hours in paid employment a week enable you to dedicate sufficient time to study

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