Think critically and creatively

Our innovative degrees and unique study areas will equip you with the critical thinking and high-level communication skills needed to thrive in an ever-changing global environment. Our degrees are informed by industry and government, which means you can be confident you'll graduate with the skills employers want.

School of Humanities, Languages and Social Science study areas

Griffith Bachelor Arts

Bachelor of Arts

An Arts degree provides both a high quality education and excellent preparation for the modern world, developing the communication, problem solving, teamwork and critical thinking skills that open the doors to so many opportunities.

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Griffith Bachelor of Social Science

Bachelor of Social Science

If you’re fascinated by human behaviour but don’t want to be a psychologist or social worker, or are intrigued by science and how things work, but aren't interested in lab work, a career in social science could be for you.

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Bachelor of Languages and Linguistics

Bachelor of Languages and Linguistics

The ability to communicate in other languages and cultures will help you in almost any career you choose. When you study a language at Griffith, you will not just learn to speak and write the words, you will also study linguistics - the science, nature and function of language and how it is used in society.

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Griffith Bachelor Communication PR Journalism

Bachelor of Communication and Journalism

You will work alongside and learn from some of the best journalists, editors, producers, content makers, and communication professionals in the country. Our top industry placements open doors to a diverse media career.

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Griffith Bachelor of Creative Industries

Bachelor of Creative Industries

Griffith’s Bachelor of Creative Industries will empower you with the skills and knowledge to transform communities through innovative creative practices whilst developing an entrepreneurship mindset of independence, flexibility and adaptability to ensure you succeed in the ever changing creative industries.

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Diploma of Languages

The ability to communicate in other languages will help you in almost any career. You can study the Diploma of Languages along with your Bachelor degree. With this option, you will be able to continue learning a language taken at school or start a new language as a beginner, while also gaining a separate second degree in another area.

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Research and postgraduate study

Whether you're beginning your research study or continuing at a higher level, our degrees provide a unique opportunity to follow a specific interest in a particular research area.