Find out how to apply for your desired Honours program

How you apply for Honours at Griffith will depend on the program you wish to study. There are three ways to apply, with each method applicable to certain programs. These three methods are:

  • via the degree finder
  • via an internal transfer
  • via school consultation.

Explore the methods below to ensure you correctly apply for your desired Honours program. You can also apply to change your program, supervisor or dissertation title.

Apply online via the degree finder

Students wishing to study any of the below programs must view the degree requirements and apply online via the Griffith degree Finder.

Degree finder

Masters students should refer to the Guidelines for undertaking a Dissertation in Honours and Masters by Coursework programs Policy (PDF 244k) before applying.

Program codeProgram nameCampus
2035Bachelor of Animation (Honours)South Bank
2005Bachelor of Arts (Honours)Gold Coast
2007Bachelor of Arts (Honours)Nathan
2087Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Honours)Nathan
2100Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Honours)Gold Coast
2108Bachelor of Biomolecular Science (Honours)Nathan
2088Bachelor of Business (Honours)Gold Coast and Nathan
2093Bachelor of Child and Family Studies (Honours)Logan
2089Bachelor of Commerce (Honours)Gold Coast and Nathan
2105Bachelor of Communication (Honours)Gold Coast and Nathan
2061Bachelor of Contemporary Australian Indigenous Art (Honours)South Bank
2022Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice (Honours)Mt Gravatt
2117Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice (Honours)Gold Coast
2043Bachelor of Design (Honours)South Bank
2081Bachelor of Digital Media (Honours)Gold Coast
2102Bachelor of Environmental Health (Honours)Gold Coast
2096Bachelor of Exercise Science (Honours)Gold Coast
2074Bachelor of Film and Screen Media Production (Honours)South Bank
2037Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours)South Bank
2107Bachelor of Forensic Science (Honours)Nathan
2083Bachelor of Games Design (Honours)South Bank
2090Bachelor of Government and International Relations (Honours)Nathan
2121Bachelor of Health (Honours) in Public HealthGold Coast
2101Bachelor of Health Science (Honours)Gold Coast
2092Bachelor of Human Services (Honours)Gold Coast and Logan
2011Bachelor of Information Technology (Honours)Nathan
2020Bachelor of Information Technology (Honours)Gold Coast
2104Bachelor of Journalism (Honours)Gold Coast and Nathan
2023Bachelor of Languages and Linguistics (Honours)Nathan
2116Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science (Honours)Gold Coast
2099Bachelor of Medical Science (Honours)Gold Coast
2095Bachelor of Midwifery (Honours)Logan
2013Bachelor of Multimedia (Honours)Nathan
2021Bachelor of Multimedia (Honours)Gold Coast
2051Bachelor of Music (Honours)South Bank
2094Bachelor of Nursing (Honours)Gold Coast, Nathan and Logan
2126Bachelor of Dental Health Science (Honours)Gold Coast
2127Bachelor of Dental Technology (Honours)Gold Coast
2119Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours)Gold Coast
2091Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science (Honours)Gold Coast
2118Bachelor of Pharmacology and Toxicology (Honours)Gold Coast
2041Bachelor of Photography (Honours)South Bank
2062Bachelor of Popular Music (Honours)Gold Coast
2033Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours)Mt Gravatt
2004Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours)Gold Coast
2110Bachelor of Science (Honours)Nathan
2120Bachelor of Sport Development (Honours)Gold Coast

Apply via an internal transfer

Admission into the below programs is only for current Griffith University students, who must apply for an internal transfer into the program. Before applying, you should contact the Program Director for the particular program you are interested in, to obtain the latest information on potential supervisors and projects. You will find this contact on the 'Student support' section of the degree information on Programs and courses. Please include a statement of the proposed coursework and the dissertation topic with your application form. If you wish to vary the final approved schedule of coursework or the dissertation topic, you must seek the approval of the Program Director. Please also refer to the Bachelor Honours Degree Policy (PDF 244k) before applying to transfer.

Apply for an internal transfer

Program Code Program NameCampus
1562 Bachelor of Environmental Science/Bachelor of Laws (Honours) Nathan
1563 Bachelor of Environmental Science/Bachelor of Laws (Honours) Gold Coast
1527 Bachelor of Laws (Honours) Graduate Entry Gold Coast
1500 Bachelor of Laws (Honours) Gold Coast
1525 Bachelor of Laws (Honours) Nathan
1526 Bachelor of Laws (Honours) Nathan
1511 Bachelor of Laws (Honours)/Bachelor of Arts Nathan
1518 Bachelor of Laws (Honours)/Bachelor of Arts Gold Coast
1545 Bachelor of Laws (Honours)/Bachelor of Asian Studies Nathan
1507 Bachelor of Laws (Honours)/Bachelor of Business Nathan
1508 Bachelor of Laws (Honours)/Bachelor of Business Gold Coast
1505 Bachelor of Laws (Honours)/Bachelor of Commerce Nathan
1506 Bachelor of Laws (Honours)/Bachelor of Commerce Gold Coast
1503 Bachelor of Laws (Honours)/Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice Mt Gravatt and Nathan
1504 Bachelor of Laws (Honours)/Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice Gold Coast
1521 Bachelor of Laws (Honours)/Bachelor of Government and International Relations Nathan
1522 Bachelor of Laws (Honours)/Bachelor of Government and International Relations Gold Coast
1509 Bachelor of Laws (Honours)/Bachelor of International Business Nathan
1510 Bachelor of Laws (Honours)/Bachelor of International Business Gold Coast
1519 Bachelor of Laws (Honours)/Bachelor of Psychological Science Mt Gravatt and Nathan
1520 Bachelor of Laws (Honours)/Bachelor of Psychological Science Gold Coast
1436 Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics (Honours) Gold Coast
1405 Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (Honours) Gold Coast
1588 Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (Honours) Nathan
1578 Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours) Nathan
1590 Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours) Gold Coast
1416 Bachelor of Social Work (Honours) Gold Coast
1417 Bachelor of Social Work (Honours) Logan
1431 Bachelor of Urban and Environmental Planning (Honours) Nathan
1432 Bachelor of Urban and Environmental Planning (Honours) Gold Coast

School consultation

Admission into the below programs is open only to a select group of current Griffith University students, who must consult with their school regarding their program progression.

Griffith schools

Program CodeProgram NameCampus
1358Bachelor of Biomedical Science (HonoursGold Coast
1540Bachelor of Biomolecular Science (Honours)Nathan
1598Bachelor of Construction Management (Honours)Gold Coast
1542Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)Nathan
1546Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)Gold Coast
1584Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)/Bachelor of AviationNathan
1556Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)/Bachelor of BusinessGold Coast
1557Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)/Bachelor of BusinessNathan
1585Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)/Bachelor of Computer ScienceGold Coast
1554Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)/Bachelor of Environmental ScienceGold Coast
1555Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)/Bachelor of Environmental ScienceNathan
1441Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)/Bachelor of Industrial DesignGold Coast
1558Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)/Bachelor of Information TechnologyGold Coast
1559Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)/Bachelor of Information TechnologyNathan
1560Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)/Bachelor of ScienceGold Coast
1561Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)/Bachelor of ScienceNathan
1014Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)Gold Coast
1178Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)Mt Gravatt
1330Bachelor of Science Advanced (Honours)Gold Coast and Nathan

Apply to change

Should you need to revise your program of study, change your dissertation title or supervisors or take leave of absence or cancel your enrolment, please complete the form below:

Application form

Application and admission

There are two ways a bachelor degree may be awarded with Honours:

  1. On the basis of academic achievement in a bachelor degree that involves four years or more of study.
  2. On the basis of an additional year of study following the completion of a three-year bachelor degree.

During the application process, the following will be taken into consideration to ensure students are well equipped to undertake an honours degree:

  • the comparability between your bachelor degree and the related Griffith bachelor honours degree
  • completion of your undergraduate degree
  • length of time that has elapsed since completing your bachelor degree
  • academic record
  • availability of supervision and resources to undertake your Honours dissertation.

In some Honours programs, quotas apply and not all qualified applicants can be offered a place. Application requirements and admission processes also vary slightly between honours programs.

Honours research guidelines

Ethical clearance

If you intend to use human or animal subjects as part of your research you must discuss the issue of ethics clearance with your supervisor as soon as practicable. It is recommended that students allow approximately eight weeks for the processing of ethics clearance.

Animal research

All research involving animals or animal tissue will need to be considered and cleared by the Griffith University Ethics Committee for Experimentation on Animals prior to the commencement of work involving animals.

Human research

Much of the research involving humans requires the approval of the Griffith University Human Research Ethics Committee. In order to determine whether your research will require such approval, you should consult with your supervisor and the Griffith University Guide for Research Involving Human Participation.

Ethics guidelines and application forms for Honours research can be obtained from the Griffith Office for Research.

your pathway to a PhD

Your Honours degree is a direct pathway into a PhD or other research degree at Griffith.

A research degree is a postgraduate degree which primarily involves completing a supervised project of original research. Completing a research program is your opportunity to make a substantial contribution to, and develop a critical understanding of, a specific discipline or area of professional practice. The most common research program is a Doctor of Philosophy, or PhD which is the highest level of education that can be achieved. It will also give you the title of Dr.

Griffith University provides all of these benefits to our research candidates as well as offering generous scholarships covering living expenses and tuition.

A research degree at Griffith will broaden your horizons. More than building specific research skills, a Griffith research degree will seek to develop you into an agile, resilient member of the knowledge economy.


Please refer to Key Dates for application closing dates. For other key dates, including open enrolment for your trimester, please refer to the Academic Calendar.


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