Requesting readmission

Find out how to apply for readmission to study at Griffith University.


If you are a former Griffith University student and have not been excluded from Griffith University (or any other university) and you have sufficient time for the completion of the program, you may resume study in your undergraduate program.

If you are seeking readmission to Griffith but wish to be considered for a different program, you may apply for an internal transfer at the same time that you apply for readmission.

If you have insufficient time to complete your degree or you will go over the maximum time to complete if you are readmitted, you will be given an extension of time to complete if your readmission is approved. You do not have to apply separately for an extension of time.

Request for readmission

After exclusion

If you are a former student who has been excluded from Griffith you may apply for readmission to Griffith. The intention of exclusion is not to disbar a student from any further attempt at tertiary education. However, the interests of the University must be protected in admission decisions involving former students who have been excluded.

If you are a previously excluded Griffith University student seeking readmission into the same program or readmission and internal transfer into a different program, you may not be admitted until at least nine calendar months have elapsed. After this time, you may be readmitted into the same program at Griffith University's discretion.

Factors such as changed circumstances, academic or vocational performance since exclusion, maturity and motivation may be considered in the determination of readmission. If you are seeking readmission after exclusion you should provide full details of these factors together with relevant documentation with your application.

If you have applied to Griffith without completing an application for readmission after exclusion, you will be requested to complete this. This may delay the processing of your application.

Excluded by another university

If you are under suspension or permanent/temporary exclusion from any tertiary institution or course (whether in Australia or elsewhere), you are required to include all details of the exclusion or suspension in your QTAC or UAC application. You will not be considered for an offer until your period of exclusion from the other institution has elapsed.

Applications will be considered on the basis of an appropriate written statement and supporting documentation supplied with the QTAC/UAC application, as long as you have served the appropriate period of exclusion.

Written statement criteria

The written statement outlines your claim for admission and should address the following criteria:

  • Reasons for previous performance. You should show previous circumstances (e.g. financial, medical, personal, vocational) contributing to the failure have been overcome, are unlikely to recur and you are likely to succeed in your study.
  • Changes in circumstance since the exclusion decision. If you have overcome a medical condition you should supply a statement from a medical practitioner confirming the recovery and your capacity to return to studies.
  • Post-exclusion academic performance: You need to provide academic transcripts or other documents to QTAC/UAC.
  • Post-exclusion vocational performance: You should provide employment references which state the nature of the position held and length of service and include comments on the level and nature of performance in the position.
  • Maturity and motivation.


Please refer to Key Dates for application closing dates. For other key dates, including open enrolment for your trimester, please refer to the Academic Calendar.

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