Explore group fitness options at the Nathan Fitness Centre

We have a range of fun and energetic group fitness classes at the Nathan Fitness Centre.

Check out the timetables and class descriptions below. All classes go for 45 minutes unless marked otherwise.

Nathan Fitness Centre

7 amH.I.I.T RPM® BODYPUMP®Boot Camp Run squad
12 pm BODYPUMP® Zumba® Functional fitness BODYPUMP®Functional Fitness
12.45 pmMetafitPumpRPMMetafitYoga
4.45 pm H.I.I.T Pilates Zumba 
5.30 pmFunctional Fitness  Zumba® Stretch 

All classes are 45 minutes

Nathan Fitness Centre

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Class descriptions


An indoor cycling class designed to develop aerobic capacity and burn up to 800 calories in 45 minutes.

Functional fitness

Uses kettle bells, ropes, TRX and weights to get an intense all-over body workout.


Is a resistance-training class using barbells and adjustable weights to tone and condition muscles.


Leaves you feeling relaxed, renewed and combines the likes of yoga, tai chi and Pilates.


Combines Latin and international music with a fun and effective Latin-based dance workout.


HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training. It is a circuit-type class which will have your heart racing and body burning.


Combines traditional bodyweight exercises with the latest HIIT techniques to set the metabolism on fire.

Boot Camp

High intensity strength and conditioning training using resistance, aerobic and anaerobic elements.


A core class focused on improving postural alignment, resulting in enhanced functional fitness, ease of movement, strength and balance.

Run squad

A class that introduces running techniques, while enhancing aerobic capacity and efficiency in the lead up to big running events.


Health and well being through a range of postures, movements and breathing exercises.

Group fitness policy

The below has been implemented to ensure the safety of group fitness participants, as well as the continuation of the program that satisfies class needs.

  • No one can enter the class more than 5 minutes after the class has begun.
  • Every participant must have a class token.
  • Every participant must have the correct clothing and footwear to participate in the class.
  • Every participant, including casual attendees, must fill in a Getting to know you Pre-Exercise Screening Questionnaire.

Class times are subject to change in accordance with instructor availability and class attendance level.

Attendance numbers

  • One participant: The class will be cancelled and this participant will be granted complimentary access to the gym.
  • Three participants: The class will continue, but for half the scheduled time.
  • Five or more participants: The class will run as normal.

Any class that consistently has low numbers or is cancelled on a regular basis will be re-assessed and may be re-scheduled or moved to a different day and/or time.