About these services

These services provide assistance with:

  • Microsoft Office 365
  • approved software installs and maintenance
  • software procurement
  • license management
  • negotiating with vendors
  • reviewing IT contracts
  • the Griffith App

These services are for

Staff and students.

Staff can access services with:

  • contract reviews
  • software procurement
  • licencing agreements
  • software installations

Staff and students can receive assistance with:

  • Microsoft Office 365 plus other University-approved software and the Griffith App

What to expect

Software installs and maintenance

  • installation and maintenance of approved software products on Griffith University computers
  • troubleshooting approved software
  • transferring software products between University computers
  • centralised software licensing database

Microsoft Office 365

Griffith App

  • Ongoing maintenance of the Griffith App.

Software procurement

  • Purchasing of software and licenses for the University.

IT contract reviews

  • contract review for IT agreements in conjunction with IT Solutions Architects and Legal Services
  • ensuring contracts comply with University policy
  • management and storage of signed contracts and approvals

Management of licencing agreements

  • management of ad-hoc, volume, and annual software license agreements for the University
  • management of appropriately licensed home-use rights for staff and students where available
  • non-technical advice on licensing options
  • training
  • application development
  • installation of software products on personal computers
  • installation of non-Griffith-owned software on Griffith assets
  • pPurchase of computer hardware, networking equipment and accessories

Self-help service available 24/7.

Client service staff available 9am to 5pm on working days.

There is no cost to use this service.

To access these services

For technical issues, contact the IT Service Centre (07) 3735 5555 or use the IT Service Centre form.


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