Outcome Questionnaire and Confidentiality

Please follow the steps below to complete your pre-appointment questionnaire. To ensure confidentiality of your responses, you are required to download a virtual private network (VPN) prior to completing the Outcome Questionnaire-30 (OQ30).

This page also provides information about privacy, confidentiality and client consent. It explains when and why we may be required to release personal information or may use non-identified data collected through our services.

How to complete your outcome questionnaire

Research has shown that giving feedback to counsellors from session to session about how counselling is progressing and how clients are feeling and functioning can significantly improve the effectiveness of counselling. To help us gain a deeper understanding of your current situation we have introduced a short questionnaire, prior to each counselling session. The questionnaire is called the Outcome Questionnaire (OQ30) and takes about 5 minutes to complete.


Please read and complete the Outcome Questionnaire (OQ) form. This form gives us the permission to use de-identified information and results for research purposes.

Complete the OQ Information and Privacy Form


Install a Virtual Private Network (VPN) and login using your Griffith Credentials. You only need to do this step once. If you have completed the questionnaire online in the past or if you have already done this for other restricted Griffith applications, simply login to your VPN and go to step 2. You can read more about accessing the VPN here.

Windows Computers: Student and Staff Personal Computers

Mac: VPN via FortiClient app

Mac: VPN via in-built client


Note: Other versions of Android may differ slightly.

How to connect to VPN on an Android device



Once you have logged into your VPN, open the OQ30 and log in using your Date of Birth and Student ID (ie. '1234567' - note that it is written without the 'S'). All responses are confidential, secure and private. This link will only work if you have logged into your VPN.

Complete the outcome questionnaire


By completing the questionnaire and / or attending your appointment you acknowledge that:

  • You have read the information provided in the Privacy, Confidentiality and Consent Agreement and / or you have had it fully explained to your satisfaction.
  • You acknowledge that Griffith University Student Life will use de-identified and aggregated (statistical) data for the purposes outlined in the documents.
  • By accessing Student Life I consent to use/release of information as outlined.
  • You understand the limits to confidentiality.

Privacy, Confidentiality and Consent Agreement

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