The Vice Chancellor and President is the Chief Executive Officer of the University and is responsible to the Council of the University

As Vice Chancellor, Professor Carolyn Evans is responsible for:

  • articulating a clear strategic direction for the University
  • providing academic and administrative leadership
  • maintaining a focus on quality
  • engendering a collegial community amongst staff and students
  • fostering effective relationships with stakeholders
  • ensuring sound financial management and stewardship of resources.

The Vice Chancellor also has a number of statutory responsibilities and accountabilities outlined in the Griffith University Act 1998 and other relevant state and commonwealth legislation and is involved in the following associations.

The Vice Chancellor is a member of Universities Australia the forum of the chief executive officers of Australia's universities. Universities Australia promotes the needs, interests and purpose of Australian universities and develops policy positions and guidelines on higher education matters.

Alongside the vice chancellors of the other six member institutions of Innovative Research Universities, the Vice Chancellor is heavily involved in the work of this national alliance of research-based universities each of which has comprehensive disciplinary coverage and a strong commitment to innovation and an inter-disciplinary focus.

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Reports to university council

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Inviting the Vice Chancellor to your event

External organisations

The Office of the Vice Chancellor is happy to receive enquiries about the Vice Chancellor’s availability for your event. If you wish to invite the Vice Chancellor, it is important to test a date as early as possible by emailing


Any staff wishing to invite any dignitaries to officiate at an event must complete a Dignitary Invitation Request available on Griffith events.

Honouring remarkable griffith people

We honour remarkable people for success in their respective fields

Former vice chancellors

Griffith owes much of its success to the outstanding leadership of its former Vice Chancellors

Strategic directions

The Strategic Plan provides the blueprint for this University's development through to our 50th anniversary in 2025, and beyond.  It reflects our intent to be more confident in the expression of our strong values, to be more distinctive from our competitors, to be more ambitious in our aspirations for the future, and to be a university renowned for its commitment to excellence, ethical behaviour and engagement.

  • Strategic plans for the core businesses of the University are available through the Plans and publications page.
  • Operational and implementation plans and reports are available to Griffith users only via the Staff portal.

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