Strategic Directions

Strategic Discussion Paper: Second phase

Feedback from the first phase of consultations around our new strategic plan was overwhelming and I thank all those who provided insightful, thoughtful and honest submissions.

In all we received 129 written submission with many jointly submitted by groups and totalled 457 pages.

The feedback has informed the next phase of our consultation process and takes the form of a Strategic Discussion Paper which outlines proposed commitments and possible ways forward with our strategy.

The paper is an envelope of options and inclusion in this document means the proposal is under consideration. By no means is it a guarantee that it will form part of the new strategy.

You will find the paper offers a potential approach to a given area and seeks feedback on it while in other cases, several options are outlined with a request to consider which one may work best for Griffith.

We are now seeking written feedback to email: by the end of June on the question and options contained in the Strategic Discussion Paper.

The consultation process will culminate in the consideration of a Strategic Plan by the University Council later this year, most likely covering the period through to 2025 which marks the 50th anniversary of Griffith’s first student intake and its functional commencement as a university.

I invite you to continue to participate actively in this process so we can work together to create a bright future for our university.

Carolyn Evans

Vice Chancellor and President

Creating Our Future: Griffith Beyond 50

Among the many highlights of my first month at Griffith was the chance to engage and meet so many of our remarkable community and host staff briefings at our campuses.

As a newcomer to Griffith it was also gratifying to experience the strong levels of energy and commitment of the 1,300 staff who attended the six campus briefings to hear about and discuss the principles set out in the paper, Creating our Future: Griffith beyond 50.

To help us with the next stage in the process, staff are now invited to provide written submissions in response to the issues raised in Creating our Future: Griffith Beyond 50 and to consider an expanded number of consultation questions. These submissions will close on March 29. Feel free to provide success stories or models that you believe are worth considering which might be relevant to Griffith.

Strategic Plan: 2018-2019

The Strategic Plan gives expression to the Griffith 2020 agenda and to the vision to further develop Griffith as a university of influence.

The Plan sets out five overarching goals to guide future activity:

  1. To provide an excellent educational experience to attract and retain students who, regardless of their background, will succeed at university and become graduates of influence.
  2. To continuously improve our research performance and, through our research, deliver social dividends.
  3. To attract and retain excellent staff who, through their teaching, research, professional support and engagement, will positively contribute to Griffith's development as a university of influence.
  4. To be a sustainable university.
  5. To enhance our engagement with the Asia-Pacific region and to consolidate our reputation as one of Australia’s most Asian-engaged universities.

Nathan campus briefing

Professor Carolyn Evans, Vice Chancellor and President