There are a number of University strategic planning documents and reports which state the University’s strategic directions across its core activities.

The University’s strategic planning framework provides for three tiers of interlocking plans that support the cascading of the Strategic Plan goals and strategies throughout the University.

The Griffith University annual reports are in a PDF and CSV file formats for viewing and printing purposes.

Annual reports

Strategic plan

Our Creating a future for all - Strategic Plan 2020-2025 provides the blueprint for this University's development through to our 50th anniversary in 2025, and beyond.

2020 - 2025 Strategic Plan

Core activity plans

The University's Strategic Plan is underpinned by two Core Activity Plans (Research and Innovation Plan and Academic Plan) and by a number of Key Supporting Plans.

Key supporting plans

In addition to the above strategic, core and supporting documents, the following University publications are available:


Group and Corporate Services Strategic Plans

Strategic plans are implemented in academic groups and support service divisions, and progress towards targets is reviewed, through the University’s annual planning and review cycle.

Academic Groups

Corporate Services

Annual Reports