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University Committees SharePoint

An environment for members of various University committees to access information related to their particular committee. If you are a current committee member please login using the button below.

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Need a SharePoint site for your committee?

To have a site setup within the University Committee SharePoint for your committee, please email Academic Services listing the below information:

  • Name of committee
  • An overview of the committee
  • Chairperson of committee including all contact details
  • Secretary of committee including all contact details
  • Meeting dates (if known)
  • A list detailing the members of the committee (full names only are required)
  • A list detailing who should have read only access to the committee (this is optional and is usually the names of the people of your information only distribution list)

Once this information has been received, your SharePoint site will be established and you will be notified via email when it can be accessed.

University Committee Training Guides:

Contact Academic Services

General Enquiries Phone Number

(07) 3735 7816

+61 7 3735 7816

General Enquiries Fax

(07) 3735 5525

+61 7 3735 5525

Location, Delivery and Postal Address

Academic Services, Academic Administration Room 2.36 Bray Centre (N54) Nathan Campus

Committee Newsletter

Welcome to the Committee Newsletter, a publication to keep the University community abreast of decisions and discussions occurring within Academic Committee (AC) and its sub-committees.

Academic Committee’s sub-committees include:

  • Learning and Teaching Committee (LTC)
  • Internationalisation Advisory Committee (IAC)
  • Programs Committee (PC)
  • Research Committee (RC)
  • Educational Excellence Committee (EEC)
  • Board of Graduate Research (BGR)
  • University Biosafety Committee (UBC)

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