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Our Study Abroad and Exchange program embodies our commitment to forward thinking education. We rank among the world’s best universities and continue to improve our international standing. In the largest and most credible world university rankings, we are ranked in the top 350 - placing us in the top 2% worldwide.

Flexible study options

International students starting or continuing study in 2020

What you can study

Griffith has over 2,500 undergraduate and postgraduate courses to choose from. You can select courses from most study areas, programs and year levels. However, some study areas are restricted or are not available (see below).

Restricted courses

The following courses are restricted to students who major in the same area:

  • Architecture
  • Aviation
  • Criminology
  • Dental Technology (Exchange students only)
  • Education
  • Postgraduate Law*

*Limited offerings available. Contact for more information. Additional conditions may apply.

The following study areas are not available to Study Abroad and Exchange students:

  • Dentistry
  • Master of Business Administration courses
  • Medicine
  • Music (QCM courses)
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Postgraduate Psychology
  • Practicums and Clinical Placements
  • Internships

The following course is only available to Study Abroad students:

  • Community Internship (3002LFC)

Explore your options

Specialised Trimester

Specialised Trimester is the perfect way to demonstrate expertise in a particular study area. Students choose three or more courses in a chosen study area. 

Community Internship*

The Community Internship course allows you to earn 10 credit points while gaining work experience through placement with a not-for-profit organisation. *Please note: Community Internship is not available for Exchange students

English + University

English + University students complete Griffith English Language Institute's award winning Direct Entry program then begin their Griffith University Study Abroad program.

Specialised Trimester

Specialised Trimester is an opportunity for students to gain recognition and experience in a specialised study area offered by Griffith University. The certificate is awarded to students who successfully complete at least 3 courses from one of the listed specialisations. A typical full-time study load is four courses per trimester, students have the flexibility to include a course outside of the specialisation to either complement or differentiate your trimester abroad.


  • Suitable for students who have completed at least one year of university-level studies
  • Students must meet any listed pre-requisites and ensure your course selection is offered at your selected campus and trimester intake.

English + University

English + University students complete Griffith English Language Institute's award winning Direct Entry program then begin their Griffith University Study Abroad program as a confident English speaker, listener, reader and writer.

Community Internship*

As part of your study at Griffith, students have the opportunity to participate in a Community Internship as part of their course selection. Community Internships allows students to gain real-world experience with a not-for-profit organisation and earn 10 credit points.  The Service Learning team will find a suitable internship in your chosen study area.

Community Internship

To add Community Internship to your course approval report email your request to

*not available for exchange students

Enrolment guidelines

Selecting and enrolling at Griffith is easy. Keep these guidelines in mind when choosing your courses.

How many courses can I study?

At Griffith, a typical full-time study load is 30 to 40 credit points (CP).  One course (subject) is usually worth 10CP.  You can choose from the following options per trimester:

  • 10CP - generally 1 course (only available for offshore students)
  • 20CP - generally 2 courses (only available for offshore students)
  • 30CP - generally 3 courses
  • 40CP - generally 4 courses
  • 50CP - generally 5 courses

For onshore students, you must enrol in a minimum of 30CP to comply with student visa requirements. If you hold a student visa, you can only study online for one third of your total program. This means that if you are enrolled in 30 credit points (cp), you can only complete one 10cp course via online study.

Please note: A 50CP enrolment is a high volume workload and should be carefully considered prior to selecting this option.

What's the course equivalent at my home university?

Typically, 10CP at Griffith is equivalent to:

  • 3 to 4 credits in the US system
  • 7.5 ECTS in the European System


You will need to meet any prerequisite requirements to be eligible to enrol in courses. Search the degree finder to view the specific entry requirements of your courses.


You can enrol in courses once you have accepted your offer, been issued your Certificate of Enrolment (CoE), enrolment has opened and you have received your Welcome to Griffith email. Please note we do not enrol you, it is your responsibility.

Engineering research project

Undergraduate students who are enrolled in an Engineering or related degree may be eligible to undertake 4604ENG Internship Research Project and work with a Griffith academic supervisor to complete a research internship.

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