Farewell from Griffith

We hope you've have a remarkable experience at Griffith University.  On this page you will find all the information you need to know to plan your return home, such as:

  • Things to know before you go
  • academic transcripts
  • grades in percentage
  • enrolment verification letters
  • learning agreements

Things to know before you go

Your time at Griffith University is almost at an end and to get the most out of your Griffith experience, make sure you read our guide as it has important information about:

  • transcripts
  • grades
  • fees and charges
  • visas
  • travel
  • further study at Griffith University

Further study at Griffith

470x312 QCA Stairs

Extend your Study Abroad or Exchange program

If you wish to extend your Study Abroad or Exchange program, contact us and we will advise you of the next steps in the process.

470x312 GC Path

Transfer your studies to Griffith

If you wish to transfer your studies and complete your degree at Griffith University, find out how to apply.

Academic transcripts

Academic Transcripts will be issued once all grades have been finalised and you do not owe any fees to Griffith University.

Please check your grades once results have been published and your student account to make sure you do not have any outstanding fees and charges.

Learning agreements

If you need a learning agreement signed email us or visit the Global Mobility office.


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