University courses for Years 11–12 in engineering, chemistry and physics

Griffith Sciences is offering Year 11 and 12 students the opportunity to complete a Griffith University first year course (subject) while undertaking their senior studies at school. Students will study the majority of the course content within the normal delivery of the QCAA Syllabus/Australian Senior Curriculum specific to their chosen course. Students can choose from Griffith Eng, Griffith Chem or Griffith Phys. As well as reducing future study costs, these programs set your child up for study across a wide range of Griffith degrees in science, health, technology, environment and engineering.

On campus or at school?

You need to choose which method of study is best for you. Griffith Eng is taught fully on campus, so you would need to be able to attend classes at either our Nathan or Gold Coast campuses during Year 12.

Griffith Chem and Griffith Phys are more flexible and taught with the guidance of a teacher at your school, through a series of web-based learning tools.

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High school programs

Head Start At-School programs

Head Start At-School programs offers the opportunity for year 11 and 12 students to experience an integrated university course whilst completing their senior studies.

Bridging and short courses

Griffith Sciences offer a number of bridging courses to prospective and commencing students. These courses are particularly useful for students who have no or limited prior studies in the study areas, have had a significant break from prior studies or who simply wish to have a refresher course in a particular field.

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