Science on the GO! has a mind-blowing calendar of annual events, science shows, lab experiences and workshops.

Science on the GO! aims to bring dynamic and engaging science shows and workshops to your school and classroom. Our lab experiences for senior students in Year 10–12 are held on campus, providing staff and students access to the innovative facilities, resources and expertise of Griffith University.

From science and engineering challenges, to cutting-edge STEM conferences, we offer opportunities for Years 5–12 students and their teachers to experience University-inspired STEM in unique, hands-on, out-of-classroom scenarios.

Culminating in National Science Week each year are some of our signature events, including the Science Trivia Challenge, Pop-up Science Centre and Schools Science Competition.

Science shows

A dynamic and highly engaging feast of science. The Science on the GO! show encourages student participation and engagement with the Australian Curriculum: Science, through a series of mind-blowing moments. An ideal way to introduce a new unit or consolidate student learning. Demonstrations duration can be tailored to suit class timetables etc.

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Science on the GO! Events 2021 Calendar

Academic Bootcamps

The Academic Bootcamp courses are designed to assist students in improving their confidence and understanding in a subject area to achieve their full academic potential.

Registrations for students to attend the 2021 Academic Bootcamps will be available Term2/3 2021.

Please follow the link to get more information on the Maths Methods, Chemistry, Physics or Biology Academic Bootcamps.

Cutting Edge Professional Learning Days

The Cutting Edge for Teachers Professional Learning Day aims to provide engaging lectures and workshops to explore current developments in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

  • Look out for the registration in Term 4 2021

Lab experiences

Secondary science students (Year 10–12) attend Griffith for the day to perform specialised STEM investigations within the University labs. Students participate in a number of pre-arranged experiments that support a current curriculum-based research task. Staff and students have access to the specialist equipment, facilities, and expertise of Griffith University.


CoastEd provides opportunity to learn about our coastal areas from environmental scientists and industry professionals.  Students can take part in hands-on activities and primary data collection through dune planting, wildlife identification and beach health surveys.  The CoastEd program seeks to provide valuable information and resources to schools and the community as well as increase awareness and participation in coastal management.

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