Secure digital graduation documents were introduced in July 2017, giving online access to official documents which can be shared with anyone at anytime. Details about how to access your digital documents via My eQuals will be sent to your university-provided email one business day after your graduation date.

Graduation-related documents

An Official Letter can be used in the graduation process as follows. It is commonly shown to employers, potential employers and registration boards. It can also be used to assist visa application requirements if you or your guests are travelling from overseas to attend your ceremony.

  • If you are currently studying the final trimester of your program, you can request an Official Letter to show your graduation eligibility status and expected graduation date.
  • If you have already completed your program requirements, but not graduated yet, you can request an Official Letter to confirm you have met your degree requirements even though you haven't received your testamur (degree certificate) yet.

Official Letters are produced on official Griffith University letterhead. A $10.00 fee applies (plus postage, if required).

A testamur is a degree certificate issued by the University Council to signify you have completed the requirements of your program and as a result, graduated from your program.

A testamur can only be issued upon graduation. We cannot issue your testamur before your actual graduation day.

Your testamur will contain your name, your program award title and the date of graduation. It will also show the official University Seal and the signatures of our Chancellor and Vice Chancellor.

Testamur types

  • Paper certificate - issued at your graduation ceremony (if attending) or by mail (if not attending or graduating in a non-ceremony round)
  • Digital certificate - issued via My eQuals one business day after your graduation date. Instructions about how to access your digital certificate will be sent to your university-provided email.

Replacement testamur

If your testamur has been lost or damaged or you have changed your name, you can request a Replacement testamur for a fee.

Replacement testamurs are issued:

  • at the discretion of the Graduations Office
  • in the current style
  • with the word 'Replacement'
Document typeCost

Replacement testamur - paper copy (available after graduation, subject to conditions)

$70 plus postage

($10 within Australia / $45 overseas)

Replacement testamur - digital copy (available after graduation, subject to conditions)

Those who graduated before 2006 should contact the Graduations Office for assistance before requesting a digital testamur.


Testamur authentication

If you require an authentication stamp on your paper testamur for immigration (or other) purposes, please submit your testamur with the Request for Testamur Authentication Stamp form.

An Official Academic Transcript (OAT) lists all courses you have undertaken and the grade achieved for each course. Upon graduation, it also states your award title and the date your degree was awarded.

You will have free digital access* to your OAT via My eQuals one business day after your graduation date. If you purchase an OAT before your graduation day it will not show your award title or date of graduation.

[*] Those who graduated before July 2017 can request digital access for a fee (see below). Those with no enrolment after 2005 should contact Student Administration before ordering a digital transcript.

To purchase an OAT, please complete the Request copy of Official Academic Transcript - ONLINE form and pay the associated fee.

Document typeCost
OAT - paper copy$25 plus express postage
($10 within Australia / $45 overseas)
OAT - digital copy

Free (graduation day)

$15 (before and after graduation)

The Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS) describes the award, the awarding institution and the Australian higher education system. It provides potential employers and other institutions a greater understanding of your achievements.

You will have free digital access* to your AHEGS via My eQuals within 24 hours of your graduation date. Your AHEGS cannot be issued prior to your graduation day.

The AHEGS is only available to graduates from July 2010 onwards.

[*] Those who graduated between December 2010 and March 2017 can request digital access for a fee (see below). Those who graduated before December 2010 will not have digital access to documents.

Purchase an AHEGS.

Document typeCost

AHEGS - paper copy (available after graduation for graduates from July 2010 onwards)

$25 plus express postage ($10 within Australia / $45 overseas)

AHEGS - digital copy (available after graduation)

Free (graduation day)

$15 (only available to December 2010 - March 2017 graduates)


Under the University's privacy policy, this free service allows us to provide the following information as a matter of public record:

  • Confirmation of graduation date
  • Name of qualification
  • Honours and/or medals achieved (if applicable)

Please note: Privacy legislation does not permit any other information being released without authorisation from the graduate. Online data is not available for students who:

  • are yet to graduate
  • graduated prior to 2002

How to verify qualifications for graduates who do not appear in the database.

Online Verification Form

Please enter the graduate's surname and date of birth below. You must enter the information exactly as it appears on the graduate's record, including spacing and apostrophes (eg - DiBella is stored differently to Di Bella).

Remember, only those who have formally graduated (post-2002) appear in this database. Students will not appear until after their actual graduation date, even if they have met all program requirements.

Graduation month (post-2002)Inclusion in database
JanuaryEnd January
MarchEarly April
July / AugustEnd August
NovemberEarly December
DecemberEarly January