Griffith Pride

Griffith is committed to providing an inclusive environment for our LGBTIQ+ community. We have a Pride committee and Ally Network to drive our strategies and are a member of Pride and Diversity.

Griffith Inclusion

LGBTIQ+ inclusive facilities and policies

Griffith supports all employees, including trans, gender diverse and non-binary employees, to dress in a manner that best reflects their gender expression. Health and safety dress requirements (for example, personal protective equipment) will be maintained.

We encourage staff to use the facilities that they feel most comfortable with and/or reflect their affirmed gender. Many of the accessible toilets are non-gendered and available for use. We also have specific non-gendered bathrooms in N79 at Nathan Campus.

All Griffith policies are inclusive of LGBTIQ+ staff and their families (where relevant).

Griffith Pride Plan

We are currently developing our next Pride Plan. Please be in contact if you'd like to be involved in consultations or provide feedback to us directly using the form link below.

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Griffith Ally Network

From 2020 onward we are offering face-to-face workshops for people to become Griffith Allies. Please register your interest to participate in a workshop.

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Walking in Rainbow Shoes

This 20 minute module was developed by Pride in Diversity and the Australian Red Cross Blood Service, to enable broader training reach, and to assist in raising awareness about LGBTIQ+ inclusion, particularly in the workplace.

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Gender Affirmation + Transitioning Guidelines

Griffith is committed to supporting staff to affirm their gender (also known as transitioning) in the workplace in a safe, positive and inclusive way. These guidelines are intended for Griffith’s trans employees, their co-workers, managers, human resource staff, and others who may be involved in a workplace gender affirmation / transition.

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LGBTIQ+ Students

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