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Griffith University graduates are more equipped for the new world of work. We include real-life industry experiences in your degree and have a range of employability initiatives designed to give your career a kickstart. At Griffith you will have access to unique internship opportunities and we’ll help you develop your ePortfolio. We also have the first Australian franchise of Unitemps, which can help you get a job while you study. Griffith’s ticks of employability are just the start of a great university experience.

Griffith’s ticks of employability

Each of our employability initiatives will get you ready for the new world of work.

Employability quiz

How employable are you? Take our quiz and see if you have Griffith's ticks of employability.

Have you, or are you taking part in an internship while studying?

Do you have part-time, casual or temporary paid employment?

Do you have a mentor you seek advice from?

Is your portfolio up to date?

Do you have a professional social media profile?

Have you thought about completing part of your degree overseas?

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We’re here to help, Griffith University has all the tools you need to get you back on track to achieving your dream career. Here’s a few tips on where to start:

Congratulations, you’ve made the first step to achieving your dream career. Here are a few more tips to keep you on track with your employment goals.

Congratulations, you’re on the right path to achieving your dream career. Here are a few more tips to keep you on track with your employment goals.

Well done, you’re well on track to achieving your dream career. Here are a few more tips to take your goals to the next level.

Fantastic effort, We can see you’re on track to achieving your dream career. Here is a few more tips which will take your employment goals to the next level.

Great work, Great work. You’re so close to having an outstanding kickstart to your career, here’s just one more tip to take your employment goals to the next level.

Amazing effort, You have already achieved Griffith’s ticks of employability.

Source an internship

Griffith University aims to include internships and work placement experiences for students throughout each study group. It also offers exclusive internships with the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games organising body through our official partnership.

Work while you study

This will help you develop your skills and increase your employability outcomes. Griffith University’s Unitemps team can help you find the opportunity you’re looking for either on campus or with local businesses.

Find yourself a mentor

A mentor can be a senior staff member, a successful person in their field or even a colleague. If you don’t already have someone in your network, Griffith University can match you with a mentor in your chosen field or visit our Griffith Global eMentoring program.

Build an ePortfolio

Employers are increasingly looking for quality online portfolios when hiring, and ePortfolios are a great way to document what you’re doing as you’re doing it. All Griffith students are provided with the tools to build a ePortfolio.

Connect through LinkedIn

Build and optimise your LinkedIn profile to enhance your employability prospects by connecting with industry professionals, employers and alumni. The LinkedIn eModule provides guidance on selecting a professional photo and addressing the headline, summary, experiences and more.

Study overseas

As a Griffith student you have a unique opportunity to enhance your degree through a global learning experience that is fully structured and supported by a dedicated Global Mobility team. You can spend as little as one week or up to one year overseas in diverse locations around the world.

Watch how Griffith Graduate Elliot Nash used LinkedIn to get his dream career.

Success stories

Chloe Portanger

Bachelor of Urban and Environmental Planning/Bachelor of Science (honours)

Works in a virtual world advising on climate change adaptation.

Find out more about how she got there

Sebastian Speck

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering

Designed a catapult launcher for a fixed wing drone to help detect illegal poaching in Africa.

Find out more about how he got there

Latest news

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June 22, 2018

Griffith benefactor honoured at major philanthropic awards

Dr Soheil Abedian is a pioneer and not just in the prestige property industry. The Iranian-born developer has now been recognised as a leader in philanthropy and higher education.

June 21, 2018

National recognition for Griffith Design graduate

Queensland College of Art Design graduate Troy Baverstock has won the Design Institute of Australia's national prize for Industrial / Product Design. Troy's diverse range of cutting-edge designs ranged from a 3D printed prosthetic limb to a sleek timber sound system.

May 29, 2018

Griffith films recognised on world stage

Cutting-edge productions from Griffith Film School are continuing to make an impact on the international stage, with several films taking out top honours at the World Media Festival in Hamburg.

May 22, 2018

An alternative-entry admission pathway for Dominic Castillo

Bachelor of Health Science student Dominic Castillo is already well into his first trimester of study at Griffith and says he cannot believe how easy the admission process was.

May 16, 2018

Environmental crusader joins 2018 Annual Appeal to change students’ lives

One of Griffith University’s most successful alumni whose conservation missions have taken her to some of the coldest places on earth is returning to where it all began to help change the lives of students. After blazing trails in Mongolia, jagging prestigious scholarships, and being profiled in the...

May 15, 2018

Renowned art museum acquires work by QCA student

Queensland College of Art doctoral candidate Anna Carey will join the ranks of artists like Pablo Picasso, David Hockney, and Claude Monet with the acquisition of two of her works by the renowned Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). LACMA is one of the world’s premiere art institutions, b...

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