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PebblePad is your Personal Learning Environment

PebblePad is a platform to collect, curate, create, communicate and share achievements, personal capabilities and professional skills. It affords our students and staff a Personal Learning Environment (PLE).

For Students

  • Develop your professional identity and employability-related skills through creating and analysing authentic artefacts.
  • Create and capture timely on-the-job documentation and reflections.
  • Create, control and curate an organised electronic ‘evidence base’ of your work to produce a ‘showcase portfolio’.

For Staff

  • Enhance student-centred design and teaching and learning practices that support active, collaborative and authentic learning.
  • Enable cross-course and program-level design and learning by collecting evidence of learning throughout the student's lifecycle.
  • Facilitate the professional learning and continuing professional development of academic and professional staff.


You are invited to hear from Paul, a lecturer and Director of Technology Enhanced Learning in the School of Medicine at the University of Liverpool, as he shares his insights and lessons learned over the past four to five years of extensive use of PebblePad.

Paul will be facilitating two sessions for the day – one with a Health focus, and one more general – to find out exactly what the University of Liverpool did with PebblePad, how they did it and how they continue to evolve.


The PebblePad Symposium was held on Wednesday 18 October 2017 at Griffith University's Nathan campus. Griffith staff had the opportunity to learn how to leverage this tool to engage their students in a variety of student-centred learning activities. This event was a great opportunity to showcase the use of PebblePad by peers and learn from their experiences


Students can continue to have access to their PebblePad work (including portfolios, reflections, images, etc.) after they leave Griffith. To do this, you need to create an "Alumni" account - this is a new free account with PebblePad where you access a copy of your assets. Please note that you need to create this Alumni account before your Griffith account is deactivated. Remember to create your new account when you are preparing to leave Griffith.

How to create your PebblePad Alumni account


Access your personal learning environment