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At the Careers and Employment Service, we can provide tailored career development content within your curriculum to help boost student employability.

Discover more about our career development seminars, as well other career education tools and resources you can tap into. You can also explore the information and services we have for Griffith students and graduates.

Career development seminars

We have a range of career development seminars you can request within your course. Explore the seminar options below and to request seminar, simply submit the seminar request form. Please note, due to the high volume of requests, priority will be given to seminars that are formally assessed within curriculum.

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Career focus

Digital, Scalable L@G Module that includes: The SOAR model of career planning, create a career development plan, Industry insights and, Identification of extracurricular activities to enhance employability. Recommended 10 to 20% Course Assessment.

Developing employability throughout your degree

An outline of key career management strategies that boost employability, and subsequent development of an employability action plan.

Experiential networking

Networking ‘how to’ with practical scenarios and coaching tips as an interactive session.

Graduate job search strategies

One-hour seminar that could incorporate job search strategies, developing resilience in job searching, networking, advertised and hidden job market for paid or unpaid roles.

Preparing for WIL placement

Making the most of your placement, how to leverage off it, workplace etiquette, professionalism.

Developing an entrepreneurial mindset

Could incorporate what value students have to offer and to whom, how to demonstrate this, Business Model Canvass and self-employment. One-hour seminar.

Interview preparation and performance

Interview masterclass, video interviews, Big Interview online tool, behavioural interview questions, speed interviewing, psychometric testing and assessment centres, graduate recruitment programs.

LinkedIn essentials

Digital, Scalable L@G Module that includes: Personal branding, optimised profile review, strategically sending connection requests, researching career paths /employers/opportunity research, how to post publish, and Griffith University Career Insights search.

Mastering LinkedIn

Could include how to use functions of platform for career path/employer/opportunity research, posting/publishing, networking and Griffith University Career Insights search. Students to complete the Learning@Griffith LinkedIn Module prior to the one-hour seminar.

Cross-cultural competency in the workplace

An overview of workplace cultural differences and how to apply culture competencies in the workplace.

Unpacking the study abroad experience

How to identify the skills gained overseas, selling the experience to employers and identifying employers most interested with this experience.

Beyond the PhD

Stages of Candidature, Working within Academia vs Industry.

Industry engagement

Do you need help inviting Graduate Recruiters, Industry Partners and Professional Associations to present to your students? Our Career Development Consultants can help you.


Our Career Development Consultants can design a seminar to suit your learning outcomes.

Employability Framework

Discover how Griffith's Employability Framework can benefit your curriculum

Career education tools and resources

The Careers and Employment Service continues to innovate and provide digital, scalable content for our academic partners, modified for the discipline audience.

The Career Focus module:

  • supports the Transition In stage of the Employability Framework by encouraging students to proactively commence career development from first year
  • raises occupational/industry awareness
  • increases students’ career confidence and self efficacy.

The module has been developed in partnership with Griffith Health Group and will be offered to all undergraduate disciplines within 2017-2018. Career Focus has been embedded into seven programs within Griffith Health, is formally assessed and can be modified for the academic discipline. This module can be tailored from an existing shell and adapted to any undergraduate, postgraduate or HDR audience.

You can view the Career Focus modules on our Learning@Griffith site by enrolling into the Careers and Employment. Search for the ‘organisations’ site for ‘Careers and Employment’, enrol in the module click on Career Focus. A Guide for Academic Staff on the Career Focus module can be downloaded here.

1. 'Personal, Academic and Career Development in Higher Education: SOARing to Success'

Arti Kumar's book (2008) provides a theoretical and practical guide to embedding employability in the curriculum. Excerpt from publisher's website states:

"...packed with activities, exercises, lesson plans, resources, reflective questionnaires, skills audits and case studies, and with suggestions for how these may be customized to suit different groups of students in different subject areas.

By embedding activities into the curriculum, students are encouraged to:

  • gain a better understanding of what and how they are learning
  • improve study skills
  • gain a clear idea strengths and areas for development
  • improve ability to explain and discuss skills and abilities with prospective employers, with the evidence to support your claims
  • become a more effective, independent and confident self-directed learner.

Personal development planning will help all staff and educational development professionals, teachers in higher education, and advisers and support staff in careers services enable students to build up a personal development record to improve their ability to relate their learning and achievements to employers' interests and needs and, ultimately, gain employment."

Further information is available at the web links below. Application of the SOAR model and resources from this book is demonstrated in Dr Greg Reddan's Exemplars.

2. Pedagogy for Employability (HEA UK)

Published by the Higher Education Academy in 2012, this guide explores the context and opportunities for embedding employability in the curriculum. The guide is loaded with practical case studies and contacts from UK institutions.

3. Example employability syllabi (USA)

Career course syllabi shared by NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers USA).

4. Curriculum exercises for career development (Australia/International)

The developing Employability is Dawn Bennett's site which contains a collaboratively developed collection of practical career development tools that can be implemented within classes, courses and programs.

Planning and statistics portal

One lens from which to view the impact of embedded career development learning is to measure impact on career self-efficacy, although many other factors are also relevant.  A wide range of research methodologies, both quantitative and qualitative, can be used to understand career development learning impact. A range of tools are available, however two standardised tools referred widely used in the literature and are available for purchase from the publisher:

Research on embedded employability is frequently published by the following journals:

Mapping the curriculum is a powerful exercise in examining cohesion and scaffolding within a program. According to Assuring Graduate Capabilities website, program curriculum can sometimes be a collection of courses without holistic design, focused on teaching inputs rather than student outcomes.

Tools and resources for program mapping can be found:

Social media platform LinkedIn can be a powerful medium.

  • It's the world’s largest global professional network (400+million members)
  • 93% of companies use LinkedIn for recruiting.
  • 75% of hiring managers use LinkedIn to learn more about job applicants.
  • Students can connect with a professional network of 180,000 Griffith alumni through the Griffith Alumni LinkedIn Group.

Griffith LinkedIn eModule

The Careers and Employment Service manage an active campaign to engage students in career events, opportunities and resources via a range of social media platforms. We encourage you to join us in this campaign and welcome your shares, likes and retweet! To join our social media mailing list or to share opportunities, email or call 3735 7470.

The Personal Learning Environment (Pebblepad) website provides Academic Staff with resources, tools and support to assist with your transfer into the curriculum. A Pebblepad e-portfolio linked to strong Career Development reflections is a powerful tool to assist your students reach their full potential.

Student career consultations

Students can book a session with our careers consultants. Topics students frequently present with include:

  • career direction questions and concerns
  • what job they can get with their degree and how to prepare for these jobs
  • how to find a graduate job/internships/part-time/casual job
  • how to job search as an international student
  • how to prepare a resume, letter, response to selection criteria and prepare for job interviews
  • using Linkedin and in-person networking approaches
  • how to develop career awareness and opportunities while studying.

Students are able to book directly into these free sessions via CareerBoard. For more complex circumstances where you would like to refer a student directly, or if you have any questions, email or call us on 3735 7470.

Information for students and graduates

In addition to helping Griffith staff embed employability within their learning and teaching, we also have a range of tools and resources to help students and graduates on their career journey. We have information to help with career planning, job searching and applications. Explore how we help Griffith students and graduates.

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