As employability experts, we can help academic staff ensure student career success

Our highly experienced team includes career development consultants aligned with each of Griffith's academic groups, who can help you embed student employability within your curriculum. Our Employability Framework provides a blueprint to position Griffith as a university of influence in graduate success and employability. We also provide a range of career development education resources and services, including online modules and in-class seminars, that could form part of your course content.

Lessons learned in the classroom combined with our resources, services and industry connections provide a winning formula for Griffith graduate employability.

Contact your career development consultant

Contact the consultant aligned with your academic group to discover how we can help embed principles of employability and graduate success into your curriculum.

Academic groupCareer development consultantContact
Arts, Education and LawTiana FentonCall 3735 7062 or email
Griffith Business SchoolLauren CaramellaCall 3735 7859 or email
Griffith HealthPaul FitzmauriceCall 5552 7153 or email
Griffith HealthNina PerryCall 5552 8514 or email
Griffith Sciences and HDREmma CarterCall 3735 7502 or email

Griffith Employability Framework

The central aim of the Griffith Employability Framework is to place graduate success and employability at the heart of everything we do.

Career development education

We can provide tailored content within your curriculum and welcome the opportunity to discuss your program-wide employability plans for the future. Explore our career development seminars you can request for your course as well as other career education tools and resources.

Career development appointments

Appointments can be made with our career development consultants to discuss your personal circumstances

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