Reshaping your on-campus experience

Over the next 10 years, we will be reshaping and reinvigorating our Northern campuses.

Investing in our campus infrastructure now will help to deliver an enhanced student and staff experience for the future. This investment will foster greater connectivity with industry and the community and amplify our research capabilities to ensure a strong and sustainable future for the University.

What's happening on our campuses

Several projects are underway or planned for Nathan Campus. These projects have been sequenced based on priority and preparatory requirements for the N82- new arrivals building. The following infographic provides an overview of the projects timeframes.

nathan timeline

Nathan Masterplan

With the upcoming closure of Mt Gravatt and the need to develop a new building to accommodate staff and students from Mt Gravatt, we are taking the opportunity to revisit the Nathan Masterplan. The existing plan was last formally updated in 2009, and the time is right to revisit it and ensure any investment made in the campus is prudent and aligns to the future direction of the University.

Part of the masterplan project will involve a Highest and Best Use review to identify opportunities to maximise spaces across the campus which will not only help to offset the costs of new developments but will help to activate the campus and make it a more attractive, dynamic and engaging space for students, staff, and the community.

N82- new arrivals building

To accommodate staff and students relocating from Mt Gravatt, a new 20,000sqm building will be developed adjacent to the arrivals area, on the current N13 site.  N82 will be a flagship building contributing to the future vision of the Nathan Campus to create a lively and engaging campus that embodies Griffith’s core principles and values.


  • On the current site of N13, which will be decanted into various existing buildings across the campus plus a new Technical Annexe before being demolished.

Building size

  • 20,000sqm Gross Floor Area and 13,000sqm Usable Floor Area


  • Construction is set to start in mid-2023, for completion in 2025, and teaching from end of 2025.


  • Architect and Lead Designer BVN appointed via Design Competition
  • Design team procurement underway by Griffith in consultation with the Lead Designer
  • Stakeholder engagement will commence early July


  • The main design feature of the building is the introduction of a central outdoor atrium formed by a series of elevated terraces opening onto Johnson’s Path.
  • The ground level of the building will include space for new retail outlets, exhibition space for display of research and engagement with industry, formal and informal teaching spaces and lounge spaces that provide students, staff, and the public permission to occupy.
  • The remainder of the building will integrate teaching spaces with research and staff accommodation encouraging cross collaboration and engagement.

Enabling works program

For N82 to be built, the current occupants (Sciences) and equipment in the N13 building (the site to be demolished) need to be accommodated elsewhere.  A series of upgrade activities in existing buildings will be undertaken to ensure staff, labs, and other research spaces can be accommodated within existing Sciences buildings.

These works include:

  • Refurbishments in N79, N34, N44, and N55
  • Development of a technical annex on current site of N45
  • Development of a new chiller plant N81 across the road from the Unibar

A new Advanced Design and Prototyping Technology (ADaPT) building has been planned for the Gold Coast. Following on from the highly successful ADaPT 1.0 Laboratory located on the Gold Coast campus, the new ADaPT 2.0 building will be a catalyst development located in the neighbouring Gold Coast Health and Knowledge Precinct .

ADaPT 2.0 will be used for micro-design, 3D printing, industrial design, artificial intelligence and bioengineering and will continue to support Griffith’s research efforts and provide further opportunity for industry engagement and partnerships.


  • Gold Coast Health and Knowledge Precinct:  Prominent location on Parklands Drive, opposite Light Rail

Building size

  • 10,000sqm Gross Floor Area


  • ADaPT staff, research and industry partners


  • Construction after 12 months from approval of funding – 2-year build time


  • Funding discussions underway


  • Computer aided design (CAD) suites
  • Clean rooms for component assembly
  • 3D scanning and fabrication including mixed metal printing
  • Other fabrication/post fabrication equipment and processing
  • Advanced materials fabrication and characterisation facilities
  • Industry training/event/showcase space
  • Dedicated industry research and production suites

Work is underway at our Logan Campus to determine how we can best utilise this site and create a more dynamic and engaging on-campus experience.  Following a master planning exercise in 2019, it was determined that the Logan Campus had underutilised land surplus to any possibly future teaching and learning requirements. Based on this finding, the University commissioned a Highest and Best Use analysis, which is nearing completion.

This analysis will help ensure we maximise our campus space and as much as possible, use it to foster greater connection with industry, business partners, and the community.

Our Mt Gravatt campus is home to teaching and research in criminology and criminal justice, education, psychology, and other socially focused fields.

The campus has undergone several refurbishments and expansion of facilities since initially established in 1969.  However, following a review which highlighted ongoing viability issues, a decision was made to consolidate it into the Nathan campus by 2026.

As the Mt Gravatt campus comes toward the end of its viability as a separate campus, staff and future students can look forward to moving to Nathan to the new arrivals building – N82, centrally located in the arrivals area of Nathan campus. Construction on N82 is set to commence in 2023.

Griffith remains in discussions with the Queensland Government for the adaptive reuse of the Mt Gravatt site.

Griffith was recently involved in the future South Bank masterplan review conducted by the South Bank Corporation for the southern gateway precinct and looks forward to the next steps in this process.

Featured project

Engineering, Technology and Aviation building (N79)

Featuring six-levels of adaptable, multi-functional spaces to enhance opportunities for multidisciplinary education, it is a space for innovation and collaboration where students and staff come together for exceptional learning opportunities. The building opened for learning and teaching in Trimester 1, 2020. Find out about the learning facilities and research environments within the contemporary building.

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