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Griffith Asia Institute is an internationally recognised research centre within the Griffith Business School. GAI reflects Griffith University’s enduring commitment to the study and engagement of nations in Asia and the Pacific. We are currently ranked 18th worldwide / 1st in Australia in the 'university affiliated regional studies centres' category in the 2017 Global Go To Think Tank Index. Our research in the field of political science is ranked 'above world standard' in the most recent Excellence in Research Australia exercise.

We embrace the complexity and diversity of the Asia-Pacific region, with an emphasis on the strategic trends and dynamics that impact on regional order. Our research focuses on the politics, security, economies and development of the Asia Pacific and their significance for Australia. Our inter-disciplinary advantage lies in Griffith University’s commitment to advancing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) across the region.

World-class research

The Griffith Asia Institute is a global research leader in the politics, security, economies and development of Asia and the Pacific.

Our policy-relevant research enhances links between businesses, government bodies and other research entities, placing our students and researchers at the forefront of national and international dialogue in a range of fields.

The Australian Research Council’s Excellence in Research Australia’s latest results rates our research in political science as ‘well above world standard’.

Economies and development

Economies and development

This broad area of research canvasses a range of issues from political economy and capacity building to opportunities and challenges for business engagement, innovation and growth. Research explores foreign direct investment, free trade agreements, international entrepreneurship, knowledge and innovation across borders, international finance, sustainable development and issues affecting economies in developing countries.

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Politics research interests encompass the collective efforts, governance and structural institutions aimed at maintaining order and stability and promoting legitimacy, while delivering sustainable outcomes for the long term. Griffith Asia Institute research projects cover a range of issues including economic and health governance, women’s leadership, elections and regional architectures.

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The Asia–Pacific is a dynamic region facing dramatic political, economic and social change and uncertainty.  These forces of change impact power dynamics, stability and inter-state relations across the region.  GAI research interests explore the most critical security issues facing the region today, including power transitions and the rise of China and India, nuclear crises on the Korean Peninsula, territorial disputes in the South China Sea and issues of human rights, peace and post conflict studies.

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Researcher highlights

Associate Professor Robin Elaine Roberts

Robin is a passionate member of the Griffith Asia Institute and the project leader for the Griffith Agribusiness research stream. Her research has led to improved outcomes for export and trade development, product innovation, and consumer decision-making.

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Dr Lee Morgenbesser

GAI research fellow Dr Morgenbesser examines authoritarian regimes, democratisation, dictators, flawed elections, hybrid regimes and South East Asian politics.

His latest book, which is entitled Behind the Facade: Elections under Authoritarianism in Southeast Asia (SUNY Press, 2016), investigates why dictators, ruling parties and military juntas bother to hold elections. At present, he is writing a new book on the rise of sophisticated authoritarianism in Southeast Asia.

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Associate Professor Sara Davies

Associate Professor Davies currently holds two ARC grants. The ARC Future Fellow Project, Security and Health Diplomacy: A Necessary Partnership?, explores the factors which determine whether the portrayal of international health issues as security threats succeed or fail in inspiring cooperative policy and investment, focusing on five distinct global health programmes (GOARN, GAVI Alliance, Global Fund, Framework for Tobacco Control and Safe Motherhood Initiative).

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