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Professor Caitlin Byrne

  • Australian foreign policy and diplomacy
  • Innovations in diplomatic practice
  • Soft power in the Asia-Pacific
  • Australian diplomacy in the Asia-Pacific
  • ASEAN regional identity and cultural diplomacy
  • Global institutions and public diplomacy

Deputy Director, Research

Professor Ian Hall

  • History of international thought
  • International relations theory
  • Indian foreign and security policy
  • Security studies


Dr Alexandr Akimov

Emerging market finance, public sector finance, energy and carbon markets, financial education

Professor Jay Bandaralage

General equilibrium modelling; input-output economics; economic development in South Asia; trade, growth and poverty; food security in South Asia

Professor Michelle Barker

Internationalisation of the curriculum, international student adjustment, intercultural skill development, workplace bullying and mobbing, transnational education

Dr Catherine Burns

Gender relations, human security, Japanese food cooperatives, transitional justice

Associate Professor Luis Cabrera

World order and multi-level governance, immigration ethics, human rights, Indian politics

Professor Fabrizio Carmignani

Applied macroeconomics and applied econometrics

Associate Professor Andreas Chai

Innovation and demand, evolutionary economics, tourism economics, behavioural barriers to climate change adaption

Professor Cordia Chu

Settings-based integrated planning for environment and population health; research design and planning; health promotion theory and strategies; community development and empowerment in reproductive health

Dr Tom Conley

The politics of economic policy, power in East Asia, global finance and financial policy, global trade and trade policy

Dr Larry Crump

International negotiation; negotiation in multilateral, regional and bilateral agreements; theory to support the development of negotiation strategy; negotiation turning points, negotiation linkages and managing negotiation complexity

Dr Anne Cullen

Asian history, environmental politics, international relations, political science, and forestry politics of Indonesia during the Suharto period of political leadership

Dr Amanda Daly

International higher education, online learning, student mobility, student retention and engagement

Associate Professor Sara Davies

Global health governance and security; sexual and gender-based violence in armed conflict; prevention of mass atrocities; international refugee law

Dr Deborah Delaney

Management accounting, investment decision-making, sponsorship

Dr Hui Feng

International political economy, post-communist transitions, international finance, Chinese politics and political economy

Dr Huiyun Feng

Asian politics; Asia–Pacific security and foreign policy; international relations; political psychology; strategic culture, public opinion and track II diplomacy

Dr Bernard Gan

Organisational studies in Asian multinationals and corporations; comparative Asian management and employment relations; employers’ associations; tourism and hospitality management; social networks

Associate Professor Gloria Ge

China business, human resource management, multinational enterprises from emerging economies

Professor Ross Guest

Economics of population ageing; public policy in relation to government spending and taxation; economics education and education economics

Dr Andrea Haefner

International relations, non-traditional security in the Asia-Pacific region, transboundary water management, environmental security Regionalism

Dr Rob Hales

Climate change, sustainable tourism, outdoor recreation, Indigenous issues, education for sustainability

Dr Dan Halvorson

State failure and international order; colonialism and decolonisation; Cold War history in Asia; religion and international relations

Professor Kai He

International relations theory and international security; foreign policy analysis and international political economy; public opinion; foreign policy crisis behaviour; Chinese politics and Sino-US relations

Dr Paul Howard

Political economy of sanitation in Asia, worker migration and development in Asia, political economy of tourism development in China

Dr Katherine Hunt

Consumer demand analysis, poverty and income inequality, gender and poverty

Professor Renee Jeffery

Transitional and post-conflict justice with a special regional focus on the Asia-Pacific

Dr Kanchana Kariyawasam

Intellectual property law, consumer law

Dr Parvinder Kler

Economics of education, economic determinants of subjective wellbeing, economic development. financial market regulation

Associate Professor Ki-Hoon Lee

Corporate sustainability management embracing environmental, social and economic challenges; integrating sustainability into the business value chain

Professor Leong Liew

China's political economy; political economy of Sino-US relations; development economics and studies; political economy of international business, trade and finance

Professor Tony Makin

International macroeconomics, international finance, Asia–Pacific economies, monetary and fiscal policy

Dr Ferran Martinez i Coma

Electoral integrity, comparative politics, political parties, electoral behaviour

Dr Stephen McCarthy

Political theory, comparative politics, international relations, South East Asia, Burma

Professor Sara McGaughey

International, corporate and institutional entrepreneurship; knowledge and innovation, including knowledge spillovers; foreign direct investment and intellectual property across borders; global value chain coordination in multinational enterprises

Dr Lili Mi

Strategic management, foreign direct investment strategies, firm performance

Dr Byung Min

Corporate governance, family business, corporate social responsibility, business groups, corporate finance, trade and investments

Professor Reza Monem

Corporate governance, earnings quality and earnings management, executive compensations, corporate social responsibility reporting, international accounting

Dr Lee Morgenbesser

Authoritarian regimes, classical dictatorship, concept systemisation, democratisation, hybrid regimes, South East Asian politics

Professor Andrew O’Neil

International relations of the Asia–Pacific, strategic studies, Australian foreign and defence policy, international terrorism and counter terrorism

Dr Tri Dung Phung

Environment and population health in the Asia-Pacific

Dr Daniel Ringuet

International political economy, international business, corporate social responsibility, international law, Philippines democracy and politics, developing countries bargaining power vs multinational corporations, insurgencies in Mindanao Southern Philippines, global security, corruption

Associate Professor Robin Roberts

Export and trade development, product innovation and development for consumer markets

Dr Peter Ross

Telecommunications privatisation and deregulation; information and communication technology workers; international human resource management; comparative employment relations; international business ethics

Dr Shannon Rutherford

Climate change vulnerability and adaptation; risk assessment and decision making ; health systems and public health; leadership

Dr Tapan Sarker

Business strategy for sustainability; political economy of sustainable development; climate change and growth; corporate social responsibility and governance; tax policy and management

Dr Harsha Sarvaiya

Corporate social responsibility, business ethics, internationalisation, sustainability

Professor Eliyathamby (Selva) Selvanathan

Consumer demand analysis, stochastic index numbers, alcohol consumption, advertising, time series modelling, tourism analysis

Professor Saroja Selvanathan

Applied econometrics and economic forecasting, econometric theory, economic modelling, consumer demand

Dr Dhara Shah

International HRM, Indian IT workers, expatriates, cross-cultural studies, international business, multinational corporations in emerging economies

Dr Parmendra Sharma

Stock market and banking sector reforms, stock market and banking sector development, special focus on the South Pacific

Dr Marta Sinclair

Intuition in business, intuition in managerial decision-making

Associate Professor Tarlok Singh

Open economy macroeconomics, applied econometrics, economic growth and development, money and finance

Dr Jen-Je Su

Econometrics, growth and development economics, financial economics

Dr Neda Todorova

Volatility estimation and forecasting, informational content of option markets, asset pricing in incomplete markets, technical analysis

Dr Yi Wang

International relations and media, language and translation, Australian foreign policy, Australia-Asia relations, Chinese foreign policy

Associate Professor Peter Woods

Chinese leadership, cross-cultural management, diversity management, expatriate management, human resource management in China, Indonesian leadership, performance management, teaching in the multicultural context

Adjunct membership

Visiting fellows

Industry Fellow

Mr Rowan Callick

Professional staff

Research Assistants

  • Gunaro Setiawan - Research Assistant
  • Dr Lucy West - Research Assistant

Higher degree by research students

  • Syed Abbas
  • Prince Acheampong
  • Yaqoub Alduraywish
  • Abdulrahman Alhassun
  • Elizabeth Ambler
  • Yunita Anwar
  • Charles Asante
  • Nina Atkin
  • Nicola Banwell
  • Yvette Baxter
  • Melissa Belle Isle
  • Kaylee Boccalatte
  • Lakshi Boolaky Doorgakunt
  • Lucy Campion
  • Christina Chau
  • Ying Chen
  • Michael Davis
  • Rodrigo De Luca
  • KC Diwakar
  • Arabella Douglas Harris
  • Connie Gan
  • Nuwan Gunarathne
  • Singgih Gunarsa
  • Chandika Gunasinghe
  • Haijun Guo
  • Mohammad Hossain
  • Rakia Hossain
  • Shafiqui Islam
  • Jeleta Kebede
  • Taufik Kurrohman
  • Robert Lamontagne
  • Diego Leiva
  • Xi Yang Li
  • Eric Masters
  • Ashkan Mirzay Fashami
  • Ripon Kumar Mondal
  • Ida Mork Larsson
  • Tudi Muyesaier
  • Hendriane Namotemo
  • Nasser Nasser
  • Uththara Neelawela
  • Huong Nguyen
  • Lan Nguyen
  • Thu Nguyen
  • Sudeshna Paul
  • Cong Tuan Pham
  • Thuc Thanh-Hien Pham
  • Anna Ploszaj
  • Sovinda Po
  • Teesta Prakash
  • Alvaro Pureza
  • Athaulla Rasheed
  • Shashika Rathnayaka Mudiyanselage
  • Kalyani Rathu Manannalage
  • Fatima Raza
  • Safa Riaz
  • Juanmiguel Rosagonzalez
  • Melodie Ruwet
  • Brett Ryder
  • Chamila Ghushara Senadeerage
  • Gunaro Setiawan
  • Bartholomew Stanford
  • Paul Sudeshna
  • Sofyan Sufri
  • Eka Sundana
  • Warren Thomson
  • Bikram Timilsina
  • Tong Tong
  • Dimitri Tsakas
  • Roni Tua
  • Thushari Niranjika Vidanage
  • Mun Vong
  • Deni Wahidin
  • Brent Watson
  • Emilia Yustiningrum

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