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The Griffith Asia Institute is a global research leader in the politics, economics, societies and cultures of Asia and the South Pacific.

Our policy-relevant research enhances links between businesses, government bodies and other research entities, placing our students and researchers at the forefront of national and international dialogue in a range of fields.

The Australian Research Council’s Excellence in Research Australia’s latest results rates our research in political science as ‘well above world standard’.

Research areas

Culture, Language and Society

In a region that is rapidly changing, GAI research that engages with culture and the arts, language and society provides insights into the distinctions of significance that exist between tradition and modernity, family and the individual and the place of representation, leadership and advocacy outside the structures of the state. Key projects relate to the role of cultural advocacy and leadership in the ASEAN region.

Political Economy and Development

This research focuses on the intersections between politics, economics and society which give rise to a range of dynamics.  Research examines economic systems, international finance, capacity building, global free trade agreements, sustainable development and issues affecting economies in developing countries and regional institutions.


Diplomacy is more than ever an essential dimension of statecraft.  Research in this area examines the challenges and evolutions facing traditional diplomatic practice.  GAI research focuses on the interplay between diplomacy and power, and explores innovations and evolutions in practice, including in the digital era.

Politics and Governance

Politics and governance research interests encompass the collective efforts and structural institutions aimed at maintaining order and stability, promoting legitimacy while delivering sustainable outcomes for the long term.  GAI research projects cover a range of issues including economic and health governance, climate change, women’s leadership, elections and regional architectures.

International Business and Investment

The dynamic and diverse Asia–Pacific presents new opportunities and challenges for business engagement, innovation and growth.  Research explores contemporary challenges around foreign direct investment and trade, international entrepreneurship, knowledge and innovation across borders, employment relations, human resource management and cultural literacy and management.


The Asia–Pacific is a dynamic region facing dramatic political, economic and social change and uncertainty.  These forces of change impact power dynamics, stability and inter-state relations across the region.  GAI research interests explores the most critical security issues facing the region today, including power transitions and the rise of China and India, nuclear crises on the Korean Peninsula, territorial disputes in the South China Sea and issues of human rights, peace and post conflict studies.

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