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Undertaking a Global Mobility Business Internship will facilitate both personal and professional development. The experience will provide an opportunity to apply the knowledge and practise the skills of your profession in another part of the world, while immersing yourself into a different culture, language, lifestyle and people.

Registrations for 2020 will open for a limited time early in the academic year.

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Information for students

Global internships offer high-achieving students nearing completion of their degree the opportunity to increase employability by gaining practical exposure to a professional environment in an international setting.

As a work-integrated learning (WIL) strategy, global internships enable students to complete an industry-related project or series of tasks on a full-time, short-term (6-week) basis and are unpaid.

Information for industry

Interns are capable of assisting with projects and tasks across various
disciplines in business, including: accounting, finance and economics; employment
relations and human resources; entrepreneurship, information management, international  and Asian business, and supply chain management; government and international relations;  marketing; and tourism, sport and hotel management.



Hong Kong


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Korea, Republic of


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(New in 2020)


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Next generation of Asia-Pacific leaders

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Welcome aboard 2019 global interns!

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Learning to be a paper crane

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Global Internships – A trip down memory lane

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Student testimonial

Participating in this program enabled me to gain real-world industry insight and experience. Through my internship, I was able to meet and forge connections with a variety of industry professionals. I was able to put the skills I had learnt throughout my studies into practice whilst gaining a plethora of new skills, bolstering my professional development.

The ability to live and work overseas, whilst at University, enabled me to grow both personally and professionally. As a result, of this program I know I will be able to graduate with enhanced skills, confidence and employability.

Choosing to participate in this program was by far the best decision I’ve made at University. Participating in the Global Mobility Business Internship Program is a once in a lifetime opportunity and one that I would recommend to all students.

Hannah Fraser, Bachelor of Public Relations and Communications

Global internship with the Australian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, 2018

Industry partner testimonial

Rochelle was a great addition to our team.  She was diligent, had great attention to detail and demonstrated excellent writing skills.

Rochelle easily adapted to her new environment, is self-motivated and very professional.

She quickly built trust and worked collaboratively with her colleagues, always willing to help others.

We enjoyed working with Rochelle very much and appreciate her positive contribution to improve our collective output.

Thank-you for sending her to our team!  We look forward to working with Griffith interns in the future.

TOKI, Tokyo 2018

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