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The international Right to Repair movement is a global response to the inability of consumers to repair their digital goods. It has a two pronged approach: empowering consumers with rights to repair their goods without going to an authorized agent or to choose to have their own third party repair their goods, and requiring manufacturers of smart goods, cars and equipment to make their diagnostic tools, manuals, and other repair-related resources available to any individual or business, not just their own dealerships and authorized agents. The inability to repair and modify consumer goods is increasingly and globally important as countries transition to Circular Economies. The inability of Australians to repair their smart goods or to access repair or service information is having a significant impact on not only the Australian economy, but also its environmental future. At the heart of the legal and regulatory barriers to repair is the Intellectual Property law regime. Leanne’s current research is focusing on the intersection of emerging The Right to Repair and Intellectual Property laws, which raises difficult but important questions both from a theoretical and practical perspective.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has detrimentally affected all recognised human rights in every country. Professor Sarah Joseph has been working on the human rights implications of COVID-19 since April 2020, with one published paper, an earlier free access version of that paper, several media outputs and presentations to audiences in Indonesia, Turkey, the Australian National University, Bond University and a forum under the auspices of the Australian Human Rights Commission. Her current work is on the crucial issue of equitable global access to COVID-19 vaccines, without which the pandemic will not finish.

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Kate's PhD research started with a shocking discovery. Children in orphanages sponsored by her charity had been recruited and posed as orphans for funding. After winding up the orphanages and reuniting children with their families, she discovered how commonplace these schemes were. Parents were being promised an education for their children, often for a fee, but in reality these children were being sold into orphanages to meet the demand of volunteer tourists and their donations.

Kate's research has been instrumental in the Australian government's world-first recognition of orphanage trafficking as a form of modern slavery through the Modern Slavery Act 2018. Internationally she has worked with the United States Department of State on the Trafficking in Persons Report to recognise the links between orphanages and trafficking, and the Dutch and United Kingdom governments on the same issues.

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