Filling an important gap

The Institute for Ethics, Governance and Law (IEGL) fills an important gap in research focusing on the Oceania region and aims is to be a globally networked resource for the development of values-based governance through research and capacity building. It aims to engage other academic, non-government organisations, government, business and multilateral institutions and networks to improve governance and build institutional integrity in governments, corporations, non-government organisations and international institutions.

It was established at the suggestion of the United Nations University in 2004, with Griffith University the first university to join IEGL.  Two years later the Queensland Universtiy of Technology and Australian National University joined. In 2008 the Center for Asian Integrity (CAI) was established in Manila, Philippines, under the auspices of IEGL, with the support of AusAID and USAID funding.  The CAI is the Asia-Pacific’s first regional centre for research and the prevention of corruption.


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Scope of our research

IEGL and its member centres have been involved in a wide range of governance research and related issues, including:

  • Research into the governance of: corporations (including government owned corporations), professions, NGOs, governments and global organizations
  • Mobilising the disciplines with major contributions to understanding that nature of, problems with and solutions for institutional and community governance, law, criminology, ethics, political science, economics
  • Comparative governance research - particularly between governance values in Islamic and western cultures
  • Cutting edge research in environmental governance, e-governance and policing.

Partnerships and collaborations

IEGL is headquartered at Griffith University, where Griffith's former Key Centre for Ethics, Law, Justice and Governance was identified by the UNU as delivering the global benchmark for governance-related research work and policy implementation.  Its “national integrity systems” model and methodology, in particular, have been recognised by Transparency International and adopted as global best practice by the World Bank. IEGL’s vision to be a “globally networked resource for the development of values-based governance through research and capacity building” has brought together a number of partner institutions through bilateral agreements with Griffith University.

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