Processing timelines for direct applications

Application closing dates or advice on future intakes can be found on Apply to Study Key Dates. Some programs may have an earlier close date. Refer to the Degree Finder for any specific details.

Closed programs: Some programs may have early closing dates whilst some of our competitive or quota-managed programs may close after the mid-January round in QTAC. Should the University close any programs the QTAC Course offer dates and vacancy information will be updated soon after the mid-January round.

Application advice for competitive, or quota managed programs: If you are applying for a competitive or quota managed program listed below, then we recommend that you submit your application by 9 December to ensure that your application is considered. Should the university make quota on the mid-January round, then these programs may close for offers. Should places still be available, then we will continue to make offers to suitably qualified applicants.

Note: Exact 2021 dates for 2022 admission will be updated later this year.


For competitive and quota managed programs, we will commence making offers on 23 December. Some programs may not be offered until 13 January. The below list of programs that will be on offer from 23 December will be confirmed later in 2021 and may be subject to change.

For the following programs offers commenced on, or around the 23 December 2021*:

  • [*] Program list to be confirmed August 2021

Offers for the following program were made on, or around 13 January 2022*:

  • [*] Program list to be confirmed August 2021

If you are not awaiting grades and you are not within the competitive range for these programs, then you may receive an outcome earlier.

Please note: Should you receive an offer to one of the above competitive programs, you will be advised that you must enrol within a short timeframe as specified in your Starting@Griffith email in order to secure your place. Lapsed offers will not automatically be reinstated.

If you are applying for Credit, you must enrol into at least one class under the program and remain enrolled at all times. Once you receive an outcome from your Credit application, please ensure that you review your enrolment.

QTAC application for competitive or quota managed programs

If you have applied to the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC) for other competitive, or quota managed programs on offer at Griffith University, visit QTAC’s Course offer dates and vacancy page for the most up-to-date information on closed programs. It is recommended that you check this page regularly later in the year.

Please note: Should you receive an offer to one of the above competitive programs, you will be advised that you must respond and enrol within a short timeframe as specified in your Starting@Griffith email in order to secure your place. Lapsed offers will not automatically be reinstated.

To view or change your QTAC preferences visit Check and change your application services page. If you have any questions regarding your application contact QTAC.

Understand your application's evaluation status, as well as processing timelines

As you track your application online, you may see your evaluation status change. Refer below for descriptions of each evaluation status and a guide for processing timelines.

Apart from the above programs, applications are generally prioritised in terms of intake and then processed via date order. However, should the assessment of your application require the completion of grades, statements or questionnaires completed, then your application may take longer to process. It is important to make sure you have access to the email address you used to submit your application and regularly check your emails, as we may require further information from you to recommence the assessment process.

To understand where the assessment of your application is up to, please see the Evaluation status information below.

Evaluation status information

Statuses that require your action

Evaluation statusDescription
Outstanding requirements

This status generates automatically based on the information completed in the form and need for the associated supporting documents to commence the assessment process.

Please check your application to see what information is missing. For example, you may have indicated work experience but not attached a CV.

Check that any documents you have uploaded are uploaded under the correct document type.

Further information requested

Once the Admissions Team has assessed your application, they may request additional supporting documentation.

You will receive an email requesting you provide the additional supporting documentation to recommence the assessment process.

We are working on your application

Evaluation statusDescription
Ready for initial review

Your application is being checked to ensure it is complete and has all the required information and supporting documents. The time this can take depends on when your application is lodged.

Your application is deemed complete and ready for the Admissions Team to review.

In review

The Admissions Team is currently working on your application and will update the evaluation status when their assessment is completed.

If you have been asked to complete a questionnaire or statement your application will be held in review until we have received your results.

Sent for evaluation

Your application requires the Program Directors' assessment or may include the scheduling of an interview or audition.

Evaluation complete

A decision has been made about your application and you will usually be emailed the outcome in two to three working days.

However, in some instances, your application may need to be held after the evaluation is complete. If this is the case, you will see the evaluation status updated in two to three days.

Evaluation cancelled If you withdraw your application or change the order of your preferences, the status of that application or preference will be cancelled.

We are holding your application

Evaluation statusDescription
Held for shortlisting

If you apply for a competitive or quota managed program, we may need to hold your application until we know the number of places available. We may also hold your application if you are assessed as being just below the current minimum ATAR/selection rank.

Your application may not be finalised until the majority offers have been made into your chosen program and the final minimum ATAR/selection rank is confirmed.

Held for interview or audition

Your application contains all of the information we require, and we are now awaiting the outcome of your interview or audition.

Awaiting grades

If you are currently enrolled in a course at Griffith or another institution, your application is being held until we can see your most recent exam results and GPA.

This is important if the undergraduate program you are applying for requires grades from your completed study to be calculated before a decision can be made.


This status displays on your application's second and third preference, as we work through your first preference.


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