Advancing our sustainability commitment—together

Griffith has had an ongoing commitment to the environment and sustainability. The Higher Education sector as a whole is recognising its role in addressing the challenges of sustainability.

Whether we sign up to making small changes every day, get involved in the Green Labs Program or participate in activities such as Griffith’s Sustainability Week, we can all contribute to advancing our sustainability commitment.

Sustainability commitment

Griffith’s Sustainability Commitment is an opportunity to sign up to making small changes every day to help us to reduce our impact on the environment. With 50000 students and 4000 staff, together we can make a difference to sustainability on campus.


Griffith’s Sustainability Awareness module provides you with a snapshot of Griffith's sustainability commitment and tips on what you can do. You will be able to quickly gain an overview of sustainability initiatives at Griffith, as well as delve more deeply into areas of particular interest.

Green Labs Program

Lab work has a significant impact on the environment, ranging from energy and resource consumption to chemical and equipment use and disposal.

The Green Labs Programs aims to encourage best practice related to procurement, energy, water and waste in laboratories. All Griffith laboratories will be included in the Program through a phased introduction 2017-2020.

Sustainability Week

Griffith’s Sustainability Week is held in early September each year. The week creates opportunities for staff and students and community members to be involved with Griffith’s Sustainability agenda. Activities range from a Sustainability Fair on the Gold Coast, markets and stalls on Nathan campus and other initiatives at Logan, Mt Gravatt and South Bank campuses.

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College living

The Griffith University Colleges, located in bushland settings at the Mt Gravatt and Nathan campuses, provide on-campus accommodation for 950 students.

We have introduced Sustainable College Living so that college residents can help to keep our environmental impact to a minimum. We want to encourage residents to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

The Griffith University Village at our Gold Coast campus is also dedicated to minimising our environmental footprint. Recycling programs and workshops are run throughout the year.

Student groups

Student groups on campus with a sustainability focus include:

  • Engineers without Borders
  • Griffith Environmental Engineering Society
  • Griffith University Students for the Environment

Contact us

Griffith Sustainability Room -1.10F, Building N16, Griffith University, 170 Kessels Road, Nathan QLD, 4111