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All video counselling appointments are to be booked via our online portal until further notice.

Find out more about video counselling appointments

Video counselling appointments have the same principles as in-person appointments. You and your counsellor meet at an agreed time to discuss your difficulties and together you find ways that you can feel better, think more clearly study better and make other choices in life to help you live better.

Video counselling has shown to be just as effective and helpful as in-person appointments. Instead of an appointment on-campus in person, your counsellor will video call you for your appointment. It is a flexible and secure medium to seek help as you can have sessions in your own home or other private spaces that suit you and your privacy.

What is video counselling?

Some students find it difficult to attend in-person appointments for a variety of reasons such as being a digital campus student, difficulty travelling to campus, attending placement, having family and work commitments or they don't quite feel ready to talk to someone in person. Video counselling appointments allow you to get the help that you need in a more flexible way that suits your life better. The issues that students discuss are the same, the therapeutic approaches are the same and the privacy and confidentiality conditions are the same.

Please note that video counselling appointments are not suitable if you need more intensive or urgent support, such as if you are having suicidal thoughts or a history of such, are in a domestic violence situation or enduring mental health difficulties. If so, please contact us so we can find a more suitable way to support you.

Secure, confidential and private

Your privacy and confidentiality is very important to us. We only allow video counselling appointment to occur using Thera Link, which is an encrypted video therapy platform. After registering below a counsellor will be in touch to arrange an appointment time that suits you. Video calls has end-to-end encryption and does not keep any call data on its servers.

Accessing video counselling

Accessing video counselling appointments is a simple process, involving only a few steps. Please note, if you have already booked an appointment and waiting to see a counsellor or you have recently seen one at the service in-person, please attend your appointment and don't register for video appointments.

1. Carefully read the information on this page.

2. Register for video counselling appointments below.

3. Once registered, Counselling and Wellbeing will contact you to discuss your counselling needs and find a suitable time for an appointment.

Appointments are about 50 minutes in length. At times, we will suggest other forms of support, such as on campus in-person appointments if we believe that is a better way to support you.

Counselling and wellbeing

We provide counselling support in different ways in addition to video sessions.

Self-help resources

Self-help resources to improve your wellbeing and life. Explore a variety of resources, including videos on mental heath topics, webinars and helpful websites and apps. This collection is designed to help you develop useful strategies and skills to focus, feel better and improve your wellbeing.

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