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During trimesters we offer group counselling programs to provide specific strategies to assist you in managing mental health difficulties. We provide programs that focus on specific topics such as anxiety, depression, wellbeing and stress. It is a safe, confidential and fun group setting to explore and discuss various topics. Topics vary throughout the year.

What are group counselling programs?

The group counselling program goes throughout the year with various topics. The group meeting is not therapy group. It is a meeting or workshop facilitated by a counsellor with the aim of providing you with strategies to help you feel better and manage things better. Topics covered range from anxiety, depression, mindfulness to stress management and resilience.

Each group offers a safe and confidential way to learn about these topics in a fun and simple way. Groups are usually small with less than 10 students to explore the nature of the topics presented. There is opportunity to learn and practice the skills you between sessions and you are also encouraged to practice and build on the skills outside of the group.

These group sessions require commitment and usually run over two to six weeks across each trimester with the student required to commit to attending all of the sessions.

How can I participate?

You can only participate in a group if you receive a referral by a staff member within Counselling and Wellbeing, Health and Medical Services, Pastoral Care or Financial Support, and you are able to commit to the number of weekly sessions outlined in the particular group you would like to participate in. You can also ask your GP or mental health nurse on campus about attending these groups.


Your progress using group counselling programs is evaluated by asking you to complete a brief questionnaire at the start and end of each program. Your responses are confidential. We do this to ensure that our service is helping you and other students. Participation in the evaluation is voluntary.

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Self-help resources to improve your wellbeing and life. Explore a variety of resources, including videos on mental heath topics, webinars and helpful websites and apps. This collection is designed to help you develop useful strategies and skills to focus, feel better and improve your wellbeing.

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