The aim of the Clem Jones Sporting Scholarship is to provide financial assistance that enables applicants on low incomes to undertake study at Griffith University. The scholarship will assist students with high levels of sporting and academic ability gain tertiary qualifications from which they and the community will benefit.

The Clem Jones Sporting Scholarships are valued at up to $9,000 each for a total of three years.

Apply by: 4pm Friday 17 January 2020.

Can I apply?

To be eligible you must:

  • be an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • be a current Griffith University undergraduate student or be eligible for admission to any of Griffith University's undergraduate programs in 2020
  • be an elite sports person, competing at a state or national level
  • provide evidence of financial need (personal and parental for students living at home)
  • provide evidence of sporting achievements.

What do I include in my application?

To be considered for this scholarship, you must complete the following sections within the application:

Study Details

  • secondary education history (commencing students): academic merit
  • name of school attended
  • OP score (or IB/ATAR equivalent)
  • program (continuing students): GPA.


  • Sports participation: high level of sporting achievement competing at state or national level.

Personal Background

  • Income and expenditure.


  • Personal statements:
    • Career goals and aims: Outline your career goals and your ability to succeed at University.
    • Experience: Sporting aspirations: Outline your sporting achievements to date and your future sporting aspirations.
    • Family background: Describe your family circumstances and your family's role in supporting your sporting and academic goals.
    • Community involvement: Describe your voluntary involvement in the community.
    • Scholarship benefit: Describe your personal and financial circumstances, and how this scholarship will assist you to achieve your future study goals and sporting aspirations.

You must upload the following in the supporting documentation section. Please use only the following formats: PDF, Word, jpeg or Excel. We can only guarantee these formats will be accepted.

  • Evidence of financial need (Centrelink or Tax statement for yourself and your parents if living at home).
  • Evidence of sporting achievements.

Applicants will be shortlisted and required to provide additional information.

Start your application


Maximum value up to $9,000 or up to three years. Payable in instalments of $1,500 in Trimester 1 and 2 up to the maximum value, the minimum duration of the program or up to three years, whichever is the lesser duration. Part-time students will require approval from the Clem Jones group prior to payment; a pro-rata amount will apply.

Payments are made within six weeks after the census date subject to satisfying scholarship terms and conditions.

Sponsor details

Griffith is an elite-athlete-friendly university and has a strong commitment to sport and the role it plays in a balanced educational environment. Fostering elite athletes and helping them to play sport while studying is a major part of that commitment. Griffith has many links with local and international sporting organisations. Griffith University, through the Griffith Sports College, assists elite athletes in sourcing flexible study means to enable them to continue performing at optimum level while studying.

The Clem Jones Group website.

To remain eligible for the scholarship, you will be required to:

  • remain enrolled full-time at Griffith University in the program for which the scholarship was awarded
  • maintain a GPA of 4 or above
  • provide a report on sporting achievements twice a year (Scholarships office will send the report format)
  • continue to demonstrate a high level of sporting achievement in your sport at a state or national level
  • continue to meet the financial hardship criteria (documents required)
  • agree to be approached by the Clem Jones Group to undertake additional promotional and external activities.

Academic and sports progress will be provided to Clem Jones

Applications, including any supporting documentation, must be completed and submitted by the closing date.

The above conditions are verified each trimester at census date. If a scholarship recipient fails to successfully meet these conditions, scholarship payments may be withheld, or the scholarship may be terminated.

Offers are made via email.

Applicants will be shortlisted and required to provide additional information.