The Information and Communication Technology Honours Scholarship is offered to full-time or part-time students who are undertaking an Undergraduate Information Technology Honours program.

Each Scholarship is valued at $4,000 paid in a single instalment.

Applications closed for 2020.

Can I apply?

To be eligible you must:

  • be enrolled in the Honours courses of one of the following Honours Programs:
    • Bachelor of Information Technology (Honours) (2020, 2011)
    • Bachelor of Multimedia (Honours) (2013)
    • Bachelor of Information Technology Advanced (Honours) (1331)
  • have a GPA of 5.5 or above

What do I include in my application?

To be considered for this scholarship you must complete the following sections within the application.

Study details

  • Program
  • Honours and research topics: Details of your Honours Dissertation

Start your application


Each scholarship is valued at $4,000 payable in a single instalment.

Payments are made within six weeks after the Census Date following the successful completion of the first 40 Credit Points of the Honours Year and satisfying scholarship terms and conditions.

To remain eligible for the scholarship, you will be required to:

  • Remain enrolled at Griffith University in the Honours program for which the scholarship was awarded
  • Maintain a GPA of 5.5 or above.

The above conditions are verified each trimester at Census date. If a scholarship recipient fails to successfully meet these conditions, scholarship payments may be withheld, or the scholarship may be terminated.

Applications must be completed and submitted by the closing date.

Offers are made via email.

Applicants may be shortlisted and be required to provide additional information.

Griffith University reserves the right to withdraw an advertised scholarship at any time.