What is elements

Symplectic Elements (Elements) is a software system that Griffith has implemented to help streamline the process of collecting and managing research outputs. Elements is widely used by universities around the world mostly for its continuous, automated import of indexed publications from sources like Scopus, Web of Science, and PubMed.

Elements How-To Guides

Quick start guide

Claim/reject publication

Edit publication record

Impersonate another user

Manage annual collection publications

Manage delegates

Manually add publication

Manually add creative research output

Deposit publication to Griffith Research Online (GRO)

Nominate publication for annual collection

Upload associated file(s)

View publications

Set up automatic claiming

Import publications

Check eligible research outputs in the annual collection

Link funding

General Staff - Set up automatic claiming

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Elements?

What is the difference between a publication and a research output?

How can I ensure my research outputs are automatically added to my profile?

What do I need to do to get started with Elements?

Which research outputs get harvested by Elements?

Can I update my Elements profile?

What is considered “a research output”?

What is ORCID?

How do I include my ORCID?

How can I use my ORCID most effectively?

What is the Annual Collection?

How do I check my eligible research outputs in the Annual Collection?

I have logged into Elements and received a message “There are ‹x› publications for you to claim or reject”. What do I do?

Why do I need to add my research outputs into Elements?

I am new to Griffith University; how do I get my research outputs onto my Griffith Experts profile?

I'm a new member of staff. My publication records are held in my previous institution's repository. Can you import them?

How do I manually add a research output into Elements?

How do I add a creative work to Elements?

How are the publication and output categories assigned?

When I log into Elements I get the message 'You need to set up your name-based search settings so Symplectic Elements can find your scholarly outputs on the web.’ What should I do?

How do I ‘unclaim’ a publication I previously claimed?

How do I ‘claim’ a publication I previously rejected?

What are Researcher IDs such as ORCID, Scopus ID and ResearcherID, and how do I add them?

How do I link another person to my research output after it has been added?

What if I need to discuss the classification of my research output/publication?

How do I upload evidence?

How do I link a research output to a grant?

Why can't I see my grant listed in Elements?

How long does it take for research outputs to appear in Elements after I have added or claimed them?

Can I add past publications to Elements?

Can I add a publication on behalf of a colleague?

I’m not an academic. Can I add research outputs/publications?

What is GRO?

Why do I need to deposit my research output?

What are the different file versions (accepted, publisher, submitted) on deposit?

Which version of a publication should I deposit?

Why would I deposit without a file?

Is the copyright of the publication hosted in Griffith’s Institutional Repository (GRO) transferred to Griffith University?

Why does my research output already have FOR codes assigned?

How do I add an FOR code to my research output?

I have outputs missing. What do I do?

Why is there is a discrepancy between data in the Academic Dashboard and my Symplectic Elements profile?

How often do the Scopus and WoS Citation Counts get updated in Elements?

How do I enter a ‘text book’ into Elements?

I’m a casual/sessional. How are my publications handled in Elements?

I am connected to the internet, why can’t I access Elements?

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