Griffith University Research Ethics Manual

Our booklet-based ethics manual, GUREM, has been created to assist in the design and conduct of human research. The manual addresses specific areas of ethical concern and offers advice on research activities.

Ethical review submissions

Learn how to gain human research ethics approval for your project.

Research Ethics Advisors

Our Research Ethics Advisors are the first point of contact for advice and assistance on human research ethics matters. They can help you with completing ethical review applications and understanding the ethics process.

Human Research Ethics Committee

Our Human Research Ethics Committee is responsible for considering applications for ethical review, monitoring the conduct of approved protocols and advising the University on related policies and guidelines.

Student and staff participants

If you intend on inviting Griffith staff or students to participate in your research, ensure review the Surveying of Griffith Students and Staff Policy (PDF 55K) and submit an Application to Conduct a Survey form if required. To call for staff and student participants, you can submit a request for your project to be included in the monthly e-newsletter from the Vice President (Corporate Services), which lists current Griffith research projects calling for volunteers.

Contact us

For more information regarding human ethics at Griffith, call (07) 3735 2069 or email us