Our Human Research Ethics Committee was established in accordance with the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research

Key functions of the committee include:

  • developing guidelines that satisfy ethical standards articulated in the current edition of the National Statement
  • advising on appropriate policy settings and ethical review processes
  • examining proposed research activities
  • establishing panels for the conduct of ethical reviews
  • facilitating and supporting a culture of excellent research
  • providing advice on potential breaches of research ethics arrangements or regulations, codes and guidelines.

HREC Constitution

Ethical review considerations

The Human Research Ethics Committee considers expedited reviews (E1 and E2) and full reviews (FR).

E1 and E2 applications

Applications for E1 and E2 expedited reviews can be made at any time. E1 reviews generally take up to 10 days to process from submission. E2 reviews take around two to three weeks from submission.

FR applications

For full reviews (FR), applications are due 12 working days before committee meeting dates. Generally the outcome of a meeting will be communicated to applicants within five to 10 days.

2019 Human Research Ethics Committee meeting and submission dates

Meetings only proceed if required.

FR submission date Meeting dateCampus
18 January 5 February Nathan / Gold Coast  
15  February 5 March Nathan / Gold Coast  
15 March 2 April Nathan / Gold Coast  
12 April 7 May Nathan / Gold Coast  
17 May 4 June Nathan / Gold Coast  
19 July 6 August Nathan / Gold Coast  
16 August 3 September Nathan / Gold Coast  
13 September 1 October Nathan / Gold Coast  
18 October 5 November Nathan / Gold Coast  
15 November 3 December Nathan / Gold Coast

Contact us

For more information regarding human ethics at Griffith, call (07) 3735 2069 or email us