Our mission is to produce groundbreaking research and engage in outstanding scholarship that makes a major contribution to society

Some activities conducted at Griffith require the use of live animals and we recognise the use of animals for teaching and research is fundamental to biology, medicine and science. Griffith is committed to the humane and justifiable use of animals for teaching and research. We recognise laboratory animals are sentient creatures and their use is a privilege that comes with moral and legal obligations for their humane care.

Coronavirus – Information for Researchers

Visit this Coronavirus - Information for Researchers webpage for the latest advice for staff and HDR candidates about COVID-19 impacts and options as they relate to your research activities.

Understand the law

The Australian Code for the Care and Use of Animals for Scientific Purposes and the Queensland Animal Care and Protection Act 2001 articulates the responsibilities of Griffith staff and students who use animals in research.

Online training

All people involved in the care and use of animals must complete our online training modules.

Animal ethics applications and projects

If you’re planning research or teaching that involves the use of animals, you’ll need prior ethical approval from our Animal Ethics Committee.

Bioscience resources facility

For more information about housing animals at Griffith University, please contact the Biosciences Resources Facility

Animal Ethics Committee

Learn more about the key functions of our Animal Ethics Committee (AEC) and its constitution.

Ethical awards

Our annual 3Rs Award recognises individuals and groups at Griffith who’ve made a remarkable contribution to the field of the 3Rs, which are:

  • Replacement of animals with alternative methods
  • Reduction of the number of animals used
  • Refinement of techniques to minimise the potential impact on animals.

External resources

Tap into a range of helpful information regarding the ethics of animal use.

Contact us

Call (07) 3735 2069 or email us for any queries regarding animal ethics at Griffith.