As part of our commitment to the ethical principles of the Code, we offer an annual 3Rs Award

The Australian Code for the Care and Use of Animals for Scientific Purposes requires that scientific and teaching activities involving the use of animals consider and apply the 3Rs:

  • replacement of animals with alternative methods
  • reduction of number of animals used and
  • refinement of techniques to minimise the potential impact on animals.

As part of our commitment to the ethical principles of the Code, we offer an annual 3Rs Award to recognise an individual or group who’s made an outstanding contribution to the field of the 3Rs and animal welfare at Griffith University. Applications close Monday 1 November 2021.

To be considered for the Award, applicants must meet the eligibility criteria and follow the procedures set out below.


  1. Applicants must be:
  2. a) academic or general staff holding full-time or fractional appointments at Griffith University (including adjunct, and honorary staff) at the time of the award, or b) postgraduate students enrolled on a full-time or part-time basis at the time of the award.
  3. The work must be of a scientific nature.
  4. The application must describe results from original work that show potential to replace or reduce the use of sentient animals in research.
  5. If animal use occurred, the work must have been conducted under a Griffith University Animal Ethics Committee approval, which was active at any time between 3 November 2016 and 1 November 2021.
  6. A substantial component of the work must have been conducted by staff or students of Griffith University.

Please note: any AEC finding of non-compliance with AEC approval may render the individual or group ineligible for this award.

Assessment criteria

Applications that show one or more of the following will be viewed favourably:

  • advancement of an area of research
  • development of a novel procedure that replaces or reduces the use of animals
  • improvement or formal validation of an existing non-animal procedure
  • replacing use of sentient animal species with non-sentient species
  • replacing use of animal products with synthetic alternatives
  • dissemination of the 3Rs implications to scientific colleagues
  • evidence of peer review (or paper(s) in preparation)
  • a clear indication of the extent to which the work has already replaced animal-based procedures or may be possible in the future.


Complete the application form using language suitable for lay people and submit to by 1 November 2021.


The Award is made by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) on the recommendation of a panel with appropriate expertise. The AEC may also make formal commendations to runners up for the award as it deems appropriate. The University reserves the right not to proceed with the award. The announced decision shall be final.


The award will be a payment of $2000 to the successful applicant's centre or school to support the recipient's research activities, in accordance with University policies.

External 3Rs Awards

The Universities Federation for Animal Welfare (UFAW) offers a number of grants for innovative research or other proposals which will advance the Replacement, Refinement or Reduction of the use of animals in scientific research or testing.  The UFAW’s top priorities are the promotion and support of high quality science that will lead to substantial advances in animal welfare, and the promotion of education in animal welfare.

For more information

The NC3Rs organisation also offers a number of grants and scholarships aimed at promoting the 3Rs. For more information


For more information about the award, please feel free to email us