All people involved in the care and use of animals must understand their responsibilities and requirements

All people involved in the care and use of animals in Griffith University Animal Facilities, the field, in satellite facilities or other institutions or organisations must understand their responsibilities and the requirements of the Australian Code for the Care and Use of Animals for Scientific Purposes. They must also be competent in the procedures they are to perform before they commence work, or must work under the direct supervision of a competent person.

If you intend to use animals for scientific purposes, completion of the animal ethics modules listed below is required. Please note the completion of additional modules or practical training may be required before use of animals may occur.

The Office for Research administers the program, which takes around two and a half hours to complete and comprises seven modules:

  • Introduction to the use of animals in research and teaching at Griffith University
  • The Code’s governing principles
  • Investigator responsibilities
  • Animal carer responsibilities
  • Animal wellbeing
  • Roles and responsibilities of the Animal Ethics Committee
  • Best Practice Methodology and Reporting of Animal Studies.

How to enrol

On the Learning@Griffith homepage, go to the ‘My Courses and Organisations’ module and select Animal Ethics - Animal Care and Use. If you are new to Griffith you may not be automatically enrolled. Please email with your name, s number, the school or centre you are associated with and provide a short description of your intended animal use so your enrolment can be processed.

Once completed

To expedite any animal ethics approval, notify once you have successfully completed all modules.

External training programs

The following external modules and tutorials are also available:

Contact us

Call (07) 3735 2069 or email us for any queries regarding animal ethics at Griffith.