Practise your skills

We understand that everyone learns differently. In the Independent Learning Centre you can borrow graded readers or use the computers to access resources for improving your language skills.

If you continue to practise your skills in all language areas (reading, writing, speaking, listening, grammar and vocabulary) outside class, you will find that your English improves more quickly.


To help you get the most from the Independent Learning Centre, we provide weekly independent learning plans for every class to guide you in your independent study. These learning plans can be accessed online and relate to the themes and skills practised in class each week based around

  • news
  • stories
  • videos
  • podcasts
  • websites

You have access to many hours of independent learning activities, and a minimum of five hours each week is recommended to consolidate the skills learned in class.

Book Chat

Participating in the weekly Book Chat is a fun way for you to meet friends and improve your reading and comprehension skills. It also gives you an opportunity to practise your speaking skills by discussing the book with a teacher and fellow students in a relaxed environment.

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