A PhD thesis that contains published and unpublished papers is an increasingly popular format.

A variety of workshops and training sessions are offered to Higher Degree Research students from a number of different sources at Griffith University, including Griffith Library, Griffith Graduate Research School, affiliated research centres and other web pages produced by the School such as the very popular resources on producing and publishing Systematic Quantitative Literature Reviews.

PhD theses that include publications

  1. Mullins, G. and Kiley, M. (2002). It’s a PhD, not a Nobel Prize: How experienced examiners assess research thesis. Studies in Higher Education, 27; 369-386. DOI: 10.1080/0307507022000011507
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  1. Chemistry: Dr William Bennett (2012), Dr Mohammad Al-Mamun (2016), Dr Sheng Li (2015),  Dr Tak Hyuan Kim (2016)
  2. Social Science: Dr Sebastian Rossi  (2015), Dr Elnaz Torabi (2017)
  3. Ecology and Evolution: Dr Mark Runkowski (2016), Dr Rochelle Steven (2016), Dr Michael Ansong (2016), Dr Christina Kindermann (2017), Dr Fen Guo (2016), Dr Alisha Steward (2012), Dr John Giles (2017), Dr Nicholas Clark (2016)
  4. Marine Science: Dr Andrew Olds (2013), Dr Paul Maxwell (2014), Dr Sarah Engelhard (2017),  Dr Pascale Eisenmann (2016), Dr Amanda Dawson (2017), Dr Seanan Wild (2016), Dr Marie Bigot (2016),
  5. Bioscience: Dr. Khuchtumur Bum-Erdene (2015), Dr Prahlad Raninga (2017),  Dr Nazmul Islam (2018)

PhD success story

Mark Runkowski

Our graduates keep doing amazing things. Dr Mark Runkowski talks about his experience as a PhD candidate at Griffith University in the School of Environment and what he has been doing afterwards in his new job in industry with Natura Pacific.

Video resources

Why publish during your PhD?

This video outlines the benefits for students, supervisor, universities and the community of publishing during a PhD, but also some of the challenges and some of the resources to help.

Putting the papers in the thesis

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