Global research achievements assist in establishing an overriding excellence in education within the School of Environment and Science

Research includes enhancing society’s ability to counter chronic illness and physical impairment, plus the development of new and improved drugs to ward off deadly diseases. Our contributions to the sustainable future of the planet are successfully achieved through solution-driven identification and measurement of the world’s many environmental problems.

Griffith researchers are providing scientific solutions to global challenges through our research. Griffith was named in Nature, the world’s leading multidisciplinary science journal, as the Nature Index Rising Star for the Oceania region in 2018.

Our research

Overarching research themes relating to the impacts of human habitation on global geography and resources, are complemented by the development of measures and practices towards a sustainable environment into the future.

Research degrees

Griffith University is ranked in the top 2% of universities worldwide, and our research in Chemical Sciences, Condensed Matter Physics, Ecological Applications, Ecology, Environmental Sciences, Environmental Science and Management, Evolutionary Biology, Inorganic Chemistry, Macromolecular and Materials Chemistry, Medical Microbiology, Nanotechnology, Optical Physics, Physical Sciences and Quantum Physics was rated “well above world-standard” in the 2018 Excellence in Research for Australia. This makes Griffith University a world-leading institution to conduct a research degree in these fields.

Systematic Quantitative Literature Review

A smart and effective method for undertaking literature reviews particularly for research students and others new to a discipline. The results are reliable, quantifiable and reproducible.

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Collaborative research opportunities at Griffith open doors to greater innovation and discovery for our higher degree researchers, who are ready to think globally and discover new world solutions. Are you interested in doing higher degree research?

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