Be guided by Griffith’s leading environmental and scientific specialists

The school's research and teaching staff are acknowledged as world industry leaders, working across planning, environmental disciplines and science. This broad-based expertise ensures an overriding enterprise and initiative in study program development and delivery.

Head of School

Professor George Mellick

Academic staff

Professional staff

Emeritus Professors

Adjunct and honorary staff

  • Adjunct Associate Professor Arnon Accad
  • Adjunct Lecturer Dr Jennifer Allen
  • Adjunct Lecturer Mr Michael Arthur
  • Adjunct Senior Lecturer Dr Martin Bridgstock
  • Adjunct Associate Professor Dennis Burns
  • Adjunct Lecturer Dr Christopher Burwell
  • Adjunct Associate Professor Ken Busfield
  • Adjunct Professor Sushila Chang
  • Adjunct Associate Professor Janet Chaseling
  • Adjunct Associate Professor Roger Cropp
  • Industry Fellow Ms Lex Drennan
  • Adjunct Professor Peter Ellis
  • Adjunct Professor Christian Engwerda
  • Adjunct Associate Professor Jo-Anne Ferreira
  • Adjunct Associate Professor Alex Forrest
  • Honorary Professor Hans Gottlieb
  • Adjunct Lecturer Mr Akhter Hamid
  • Adjunct Professor Nick Hayward
  • Adjunct Lecturer Dr Sam Heshmat
  • Adjunct Professor Richard Hindmarsh
  • Adjunct Senior Research Fellow Lindsay Hunt
  • Adjunct Professor Helen Johnson
  • Adjunct Associate Professor Derek Kennedy
  • Adjunct Professor Kum Kum Khanna
  • Adjunct Professor Rajiv Khanna
  • Adjunct Professor Joe Lee
  • Adjunct Lecturer Mr Duncan McCarthy
  • Adjunct Associate Professor Ann McDonnell
  • Adjunct Lecturer Dr Bill Metcalf
  • Adjunct Associate Professor John Miles
  • Adjunct Lecturer Mr Narendra Nand
  • Adjunct Lecturer Dr Tadhg O'Loingsigh
  • Adjunct Senior Lecturer Dr Alberto Pinzon-Charry
  • Adjunct Associate Professor Steven Pratt
  • Adjunct Senior Lecturer Dr Antonia Pritchard
  • Adjunct Associate Professor Kristen Radford
  • Adjunct Research Fellow Ms Emily Rames
  • Adjunct Associate Professor Robyn Rodwell
  • Adjunct Professor Peter Rogers
  • Adjunct Lecturer Dr Mark Schubert
  • Adjunct Lecturer Dr Monica Seini
  • Adjunct Professor Peter Teasdale
  • Adjunct Senior Lecturer Dr Siok Tey
  • Adjunct Research Fellow Dr Richard Walding
  • Adjunct Professor Robyn Warner
  • Adjunct Associate Professor Dianne Watters
  • Adjunct Senior Lecturer Dr Urs Wermuth
  • Adjunct Senior Lecturer Dr Michael Williams

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