Researching today to change lives tomorrow

At our core is a commitment to innovation and excellence in health research. Through leadership and collaboration, we champion research to optimise health in our local and global communities.

Our mission is to engage in ground-breaking research aimed at making meaningful improvements to the health of our communities. We do so by advancing the knowledge of science on which health science is founded, expanding the evidence base for health outcomes and health systems, and improving health education.

In pursuit of future research to improve health outcomes of our communities, we support Higher Degrees Research students through a range of activities and programs, ensuring students get the very best out of their learning experience.

Research centres, partnerships and programs

Menzies Health Institute Queensland

We are committed to developing healthy communities through exceptional health and medical research. A key focus is the translatable potential of our research, that is, how likely is it to drive improved outcomes in human health and wellbeing.

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Centre for Environment and Population Health

We address pressing concerns for population health, environmental sustainability and economic opportunity. We are committed to translational research to improve policy and solutions, strategic planning for population health, international links and partnership, and sustainable health development.

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Centre for Applied Health Economics

Our research team is comprised of a multi-disciplinary team of epidemiologists, biostatisticians, primary care physicians, clinical researchers and health economists. The group undertakes a range of clinical and population health research projects relating to improved quality of life for Australian and international populations.

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We are committed to making significant improvements in the oral and general health of the public, and to enhance the quality of life of local, Australian, regional and communities world-wide through improved knowledge of disease aetiology, prevention, management and delivery mechanisms.

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Interventional cardiology, cardiovascular prevention, genetics and clinical trials

Our current projects arise from the Gold Coast cardiovascular DNK bank and the Precise registry, the CHAMPION clinical trial and the CARS trial. Projects include: Accelerated Atherocoronary Metabolic Syndrome, functional capacity and cardiovascular outcomes, and the development of new cardiovascular interventional devices.

Our researchers

Our world-class researchers work with industry, community and government partners to better understand our world and improve people’s lives

Higher Degrees by research

Griffith Graduate Research School