Can we combine augmented reality with gamification to teach empathy to young people?

The narrative of R.E.M.I (Robotic Empathy Machine Intelligence) is told through an interactive comic book with moral choices to select throughout each chapter. Decisions made throughout the user’s journey affect the social and physical development of R.E.M.I as well as how others treat the main character in the story.

Engage youngsters with augmented reality

Why empathic qualities are so important

Empathy is being described as a critical transformational tool for the 21st century. Something the next generation of authors, leaders, inventors and explorers should have. This beautifully unique education experience uses the latest augmented reality technology to bring R.E.M.I to life in the room with the user, creating the ultimate empathic experience using cutting edge technology.

R.E.M.I delivers something never before attempted with technology education and empathy. A magical choose-your-own-adventure, helping to build the kind of word of tomorrow.

Who said academic research was tedious?

Social Marketing @ Griffith partners with Activate Entertainment to assess the effectiveness of R.E.M.I. To do this, we use a pre and post questionnaire embedded into the experience. The evaluation aims to guide future iterations of R.E.M.I.

How can gamification and augmented reality help you?

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